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 attributes ... skill- and elemental points ...

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PostSubject: attributes ... skill- and elemental points ...   Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:57 am

attributes ...

I only have a wild theory of how attributes work and if/how they might influence ...
basically I think attributes will influence our craftings too, in a way, that you maybe can
say a strong guy is a better smith or an intelligent cat should receive better alchemistic results

every crafter gets a certain ability at lvl 40 that "increases influence of certain attributes", pending
on the craft. check alchemist here: http://www.ffxivcrafters.com/alchemist-skills.php, where it is INT.

another idea is this: when you craft any recipe, you'll have to add elemental shards in addition to the
required materials. which differ from recipe to recipe. idea now is, that your personal spread of
the elemental points also might influence, like the more points you spent for fire, the better you work
out recipes using fire shards.

and another issue I watched with attribute allocation is, that i.e. the amount of HP doesnt encrease
right after you spent some points to VIT. seems more likely to determine how much more VIT you gain
with your next level up additionally to a certain default amount.

just to get a discussion started ... ;-) ...

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attributes ... skill- and elemental points ...
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