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 Crafting in Rift

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PostSubject: Crafting in Rift   Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:28 pm

Crafting in Rift.

Beta 2, I did quite a bit more crafting than Beta 1, where I kept freezing up due to an inadequate Vid Card. No probs in B2.

The crafting system is designed for those that hate crafting. i.e. for those with an IQ of below pre-school age. No skill/challenge involed whatsoever.

Having got that off my chest. The products you can craft are actually quite good. I ended up wearing 3 pieces that were better than the items I had got as quest rewards.
With the inclusion plannar augs during the crafting process they were pretty decent.

Beta 3 I plan to trial an Articifer as they can make Rings and Trinkets that were not forthcoming as drops or quests up to lvl 20

Runecrafting I think is also worth a look at, as they are suposed to be addable to armour items. The 1 bought Rune I tried was obviosly duff as it wouldnt work what ever I tried. Either that or I had lost the instructions off the packet, but interesting non the less.

Crafting mats stack in stacks of 50. T1 cloth is Burlap and humanoid dropped, T2 is cotton, T3 is wool but we did'nt get to the those higher level mobs yet.

Leathers. Also Outfitter made, But Butchering skills are needed to butcher animal corpses. Other parts from animal butchering are I believe used for Alchemy.
The Butcher then turns the hides into Leather. As outfitter I did this on a loom, Don't know if this is the only way.

Did not make that much leather gear as leather was harder to get than cloth. Especially T2 leather.
T1 is soft hide and T2 thin hide. Onlt T2 hides I found were in the final 2 quests areas and in the Fae instance and then exceeding infreaquent.

Crafting Quests (Daily)

Every 24hrs you can get crafting quests. In B2 they were in Sanctum only and the turn in in the Argent Glade. No real prob with the the Portecum.
Make 10 Burlap Shoes for 1 craft mar, or the other quest 10 Cotton Shoes for 2 craft marks. Craft Marks could be turned in for other crafting recips that trainer did not have.
Note of caution here. I think I made a booboo in using the 5 craft marks I had to get a Cotton Robe Recip when I could have got this from the Master Trainer in Sanctum for cash. only a bit earlier.


Foraging is for plants and wood.
When you train this skill you also get 2 abilities, Find nearest Plant and Find nearest Wood, which when active display a little white diamond symbol on your mini-map.

As the levels progress I think it might be harder to get so many mats to use to train with, so if anyone who does not want to craft could pass mats back down the line to crafters it would be appreciated. Especially hides for crafting Leather Armour. Just take the butchering skill, no sharp knives to worry about nor bloody hands to have to wash afterwards.

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PostSubject: Re: Crafting in Rift   Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:41 pm

In my beta write up, I did complain about 2 crafting issues,

the first like you said a pre-schooler could do , and that is not really good enough, in my own humble oppinion,
it should be a bit harder to say the least, another is of course, lable the bloody things lol.
My second complaint was harvesting, I don't like the pick it up off the floor system, its lame when you are
surrounded by perfectly good trees, it really urked me and did not inspire me to want to do it, well done
Heth and Vic you had more gumption than me for it lol

Why sell the game short with conserns to crafting, it should also be integral if they are screaming inovation,
but hey its' beta lets hope they pick up on the craft and beta it acordingly.

To simplystic there is little or no need to ever harvest together as you woudl be scrapping over a node,
so far it's the big grrr for me, I don't like that really it seems it's a bother.

I am glad though that the peices that you did craft were good, that in itself is a big bonus for crafters,
makes it viable, also the planar drops seems really good would like just a craft/harvest beta to have a good
old go withoug distractions Very Happy hard not to get distracted.

But we will see it might change and be tweeked a bit, i hope so it would be such a shame if it were not.

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PostSubject: Re: Crafting in Rift   Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:51 pm

Planar Augments drops seemed fairly rare. I got a stone maybe every 8-10 rifts/footholds/invasions depending on what medals I earned during the fights.

Still, it's good that adventuring will be able to help out with crafting via gathering these Planar Augments in Rift. I've never had the stomach for crafting or harvesting (I think gathering Aged Timber for VG guildhalls turned me off for life lol). Though I hope they dial up the complexity a bit before release next year.

Edit: by the way don't forget to mention the things ya didn't like about crafting/harvesting in the feedback window in game next beta.
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PostSubject: Re: Crafting in Rift   Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:46 pm

I was reading a post on the rift forums about crafting, players basically saying what they wish rifts crafting system was like compared to what it is now, which is not really crafting at all as far as I'm concerned.

It got me to thinking , are they just hoping or has there been speculation that maybe there may be changes ahead? So has anyone read anything on this? are the devs saying it stays the way it is and thats that or are they looking into it, being so close to launch I doubt it but I can dream lol.
I'm probably just getting my hopes up but I really would like to see a decent craft system so just wondered if anyone knew anything positive.
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PostSubject: Re: Crafting in Rift   

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Crafting in Rift
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