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 Things not to do :D

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PostSubject: Things not to do :D   Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:31 am

1. Some Dungeons are full of traps if we have a rogue - rogue goes first (unless your fred)

2. Slimes ------ hitting slimes is not good with a wep, there are several mobs like this, ones a rust monster thing, obvious reasons why you
cant hit that.......... slimes eat your wepsl make sure you do the green square to take weps off and punch them to death (or get a slime club)
There are some weps for them, but they don't drop mutch.

3. Repairs - Ignore that and you will suddenly find youself loosing items they break proper, if you keep hitting slimes and stuff with your
sword each time it will get perma damage and go red until snap.. not good. So each dungeon that is a bit rough then repair.

4. Healing potions - even with a cleric/healer you are going to need them, even if solo at times, mana does not regen like most games,
neither do hp, you need to relax at a shrine (normally) there are two per dungeon, usually behind a door that needs to be opened
by a valve... or leaver. Always go inside regardless of weather you need it, because it's handy to see them on your map, if you go in
it marks the spot incase u need to res a person or need to run back quick.
Do not use them unless you really need to, if you can miss one then that is good, as they have a cooldown of 15 mins, some
you can only use once.

5. If you make a cleric, you can't aford to cast to be honest, not in a group, mana goes to fast way way to fast, and its kinda pressious (my pressious *squints*)
So heal pots for backup, and always shout when mana is low so the party know to heal in oodles of time. I find myself even with the favour sole standing there
waiting to heal not hitting, just blocking incomming (shift key blocks and dam it's good and saved me thousands of times) I block heal wait for the rest to finish and
get the evil git thats pummeling me Very Happy

6. Collectables, do it do it collect it all ... every scrap of crap Smile if it twinkles (appart from poison shrooms) then grab it, you can hand it in for heal wands,
arrows, throwing items, robes, clothing, weps, pots, some things are goood. Highly recommends a huge collectable sack (if you can afford of course) it's buyable in game
via the ddo shop (whish is to bloody convenient if you ask me) Smile which you did not.

7. Mana pots, yes there are some again rare occasion you will get and only fill you up a weenie bit, they are a bit premiem :P I just steal all ghils.
Healing wands have saved us countless of times though, don't forget to un-equip them *cough cough* or you will waste them *looks totally inocent*
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Things not to do :D
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