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 Event World One For 5th Birthday

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PostSubject: Event World One For 5th Birthday   Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:45 am

First in your pack you will see you have to go visit the egg collector in the market place....

Then 14 times run around like a loonie collecting eggs while your blue aura is still flashing, side of screen.

then hand in each time u get a gift, seems i got oddles now for veesea lol necro stafs and what not.

Then when done go down to the doc and find the guy who sends you to the pirate place,
tells you who on your invitation card in gold and a gem colour in your inventory.

Envelope with colour.

Use the hat box that bits easy self explanitory claim your pirate hat, mines coooool.

Then go get killed by pirates :P or not whichever comes first,. collect bits then go to
kobolt dungeon event.

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Event World One For 5th Birthday
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