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 Characters mounts etc

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PostSubject: Characters mounts etc   Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:54 pm

Raptor mount, runs slow but has hover speed, thing can jump as talll as tall buildings, noisey Smile
obtainable by questing in "Butcher Block Mountain area must be level 30 to start quest" you can
leap a map in no time with these, you get hit though, it's like any other game you are slowed.

Coercer seems almost not quite like the vg psionic
Warden is like the vg shaman without the pheonix bear etc it's sort of half druid half shaman
Inquisitor that is tough little healer/fighter bit like the vg bear shamen but better.

DK seems to work like the vg one
Assasin is complex um ask ghill
Monk is monk like all monks kick hit fein death
Necro is a lot tougher than vg, has more pets lots of tricks hard as nails as per normal.

Not tried any more yet.

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Characters mounts etc
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