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 Bags - Deco

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PostSubject: Bags - Deco   Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:23 pm

As you know we have an abundance of harvestable items that we personally can't use,
so if you need bags send Weil who is the tailor so far.

3 Metal
2. Root
6. Fillament (from vendor)
of the relevant teer.

Stenthened Leather (Rare) Makes 24 slots.

***Pending leveling***
Etched leather makes a 20 slot bag
Boiled leather makes a 16 slot bag
Tanned leather makes a 12 slot bag

Each take the same amount of resources.

If you send him the stuff or bung the amount of them in the bank (use frist slot for orders)
then he can crack on and make them,
the metal, leather, root, filament is level pending as you know

The more slots you need the higher the leather you need as you know Very Happy

Same for Ghil who's making furnature, if you want a painting, send him the stuff to make it,
if you are not sure ask on vent or in game, he will tell you what you need, because these things
take rare resources as well, so only fair we pass over our un-wanted items and then ask them
to make, or if you can make a deco lamp and ghil a pic then agreed swapsies.

Same for all crafts.

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Bags - Deco
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