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 First Server Event

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PostSubject: First Server Event    Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:15 pm

Of course the goodies chest all important Very Happy

The Deaths oh boy a lot of deaths, community A1 for getting you up though

The End Boss and his final boom

It got same old same old the first day, but it was all in preperation to save the island
this party the final push was omg hard, there were elder and champion karka and the
final one the ancient sent out wave after wave of those giant ones along with poison
area effect explosions that almost at one point took the whole lot out, there were
over 30 bodies at one area and cudos at the end to the 4 remaining before the final
bit they had to sez so many ha, the baby ones came in their thousand and glued themselves
all over you (that is so creapy)

I liked it, boring the first day as it was just grind the karka down and looked like that was it
but in the mail the final letter said the big push, and it was, saving the island, I love stuff like that
not the same as rift but more an event with a final raid boss, with lots of tricks not bad from
a giant spider crab thing.

The funnies was before that camp on the rock, nearly everyone was naked their gear broken to bits
ha all mages in cloth armor were naked in their undies fighting at that point, when we willed the campion
on that area it was soooo good for the mender to turn up, and at the end we had the cut scene and every
player at the event was there, which was cool.

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First Server Event
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