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 I'm still here... Kinda.

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I'm still here...  Kinda. Empty
PostSubject: I'm still here... Kinda.   I'm still here...  Kinda. Icon_minitimeSun Sep 14, 2014 12:52 am

Hey all,
I hope you are all well.

Thought I would pop in and see what you are all up to,  My work is going well, lots of travelling at the moment though.  I have decided I hate trains.   I have been in Exeter for the past few days being boss man for their shop, finding even more workers I dislike.

It seems you cannot tell volunteers that you dislike them. It also seems when I do visit new shops to run the shop whilst i'm there, the volunteers seem to think they know how everything works, that they know best. Now I have worked at 21 different shop, that means 21 different sets of volunteers doing things their way. I have given up trying to be nice, now it's my way or no way. Have even had one volunteer complain to the area Manager that I am doing it wrong. Unfortunately for them, the area manager loves me for being able to cover 21 of his shops.

I do enjoy when a volunteer tells me how to do my job. It's just a bit like "Ohhh, tell me more about how you know how to run the shop." Then proceed to listen to them QQ about how they don't do it like that. Even one of the regular volunteers in main place of work, who annoys me so much. She started with us on a work placement with the Job Center, has an addiction to buying things, Not the best addiction when you are working in a charity shop. But also likes to spend her day complaining about how she doesn't have a job, how I have a job, why do I have a job, how can the charity afford to pay me but cannot pay her. I have considered locking her in the cupboard until she decides to be quiet.

I have been plodding about in the alpha test for Rift: Nightmare Tide, the expansion due to release late next month.  I am enjoying it alot more than I thought, It's a little weird and take a while to get used to, alot of the game is set under water.   The expansion delves into the Plane of Water, only makes sense they put water in it.  

I think I will definitely be playing at launch, Game is completely FTP now if anyone wants to pop in and say hello.  Also, one of the collectors editions give a level 1 - 60 boost if you want to skip the old content.


I'm still here...  Kinda. Sig_0110
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I'm still here... Kinda.
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