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 Age of Wulin

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PostSubject: Age of Wulin   Age of Wulin Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2014 3:45 am

Age of Wulin is the Euro version of Age of Wushu (but without the account hacks of the US Version!).

I'm playing it and its really different than most MMOs (Yeah I've finally found one that sustains my attention!).  Its really sandboxy the best gear is crafted and its not a quest grinder (Though there are quest).  Its free to play but if your taking it seriously the Jianghu VIP option (Paid) is the best option.  VIPs also get daily rewards

Its a PVP game but you get newbie protection until you reach a certain strength level,

Some tips that I've learned.  First thing join a sect ASAP and get your sects internal skill as the first thing you cultivate.  Don't bother buying bags, gear or mounts, do your personal story line up to the first personal story instance and you'll get bags, some gear and a mount.

The translation isn't brilliant so check out the game guide on the Age of Wulin page.

Anyway if you check it out you can download it here.

Edit:It looks like you can be PVPed when your strength reaches novice. I screwed this up a bit by cultivating my external skills a bit before my internal skills. I've made my first enemy though I did him some serious damage the second time round, I can put a bounty on his head and a skilled player can kick his arse and throw him in the clink for a bit.


If you try the game drop me a PM in game, toons name is Sungsan,
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Age of Wulin
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