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PostSubject: ESO stuff   ESO stuff Icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2015 5:29 pm

Couldn't find a corner for this subject so I just drop it in here...

Some useful stuff to know about your skills:

Physical Armor buffs
Minor Resolve: Small increase to physical resistance.
One Hand and Shield, Ransack (Puncture)
Restoration Staff, Blessing of Protection (+morphs)
Alliance War Assault, Sturdy Horn (War Horn)
Dragonknight, Stone Giant (Stonefist)
Nightblade, Mirage (blur)
Sorcerer, Bound Armor (+morphs)

Major Resolve: Larger increase to physical resistance.
Heavy Armor, Immovable (+morphs)
Dragonknight, Spiked Armor (+morphs)
Sorcerer, Lightning Form (+morphs)
Templar, Rune Focus (+morphs)

Spell Resistance buffs
Minor Ward: Small increase to spell resist.
Restoration Staff, Blessing of Protection (+morphs)
Alliance War Assault, Sturdy Horn (War Horn)
Dragonknight, Reflective Plate (Reflective Scales)
Sorcerer, Bound Aegis (Bound Armor)

Major Ward: Large increase to spell resist.
Heavy Armor, Immovable (+morphs)
Dragonknight, Spiked Armor (+morphs)
Nightblade, Shadow Barrier (passive, activating a shadow ability)
Sorcerer, Lightning Form (+morphs)
Templar, Rune Focus (+morphs)

Damage Taken buffs
Minor Protection: -8% damage received.
Fighters Guild, Circle of Protection (+morphs)
Sorcerer, Suppression Field (Negate Magic)

Major Protection: -30% damage received.

Dodge buffs
Minor Evasion: +5% dodge chance.

Major Evasion: +20% dodge chance.
Medium Armor, Evasion (+morphs)
Nightblade, Blur (+morphs)

Damage on Next Attack buff
Major Empower: +20% on next attack.
Two Handed, Wrecking Blow (Uppercut)
Mages Guild, Might of the Guild (passive, casting a mages guild ability)
Dragonknight, Empowering Chains (Fiery Grip)
Nightblade, Ambush (Teleport Strike)
Templar, Solar Flare (+morphs)

Weapon Damage buffs
Minor Brutality: +5% weapon damage.
Dragonknight, Mountain's Blessing (passive, all earthen heart abilities)

Major Brutality: +20% weapon damage.
Two Handed, Momentum (+morphs)
Werewolf, Rousing Roar (Roar)
Nightblade, Drain Power (+morphs)
Sorcerer, Surge (+morphs)

Spell Damage buffs
Minor Sorcery: +5% spell damage.
Templar, Illuminate (passive, activating a dawn's wrath ability)

Major Sorcery: +20% spell damage.
Mages Guild, Entropy (+morphs)
Nightblade, Sap Essence (Drain Power)
Sorcerer, Power Surge (Surge)

Critical Damage buffs
Minor Force: +15% critical damage.

Major Force: +30% critical damage.
Alliance War Assault, Aggressive Horn (War Horn)

Weapon Critical Chance buffs
Minor Savagery: +3% stam crit chance.
Nightblade, Hemorrhage (passive, crit with assassination ability slotted)

Major Savagery: +10% stam crit chance.
Fighters Guild, Expert Hunter (+morphs)
Dragonknight, Flames of Oblivion (Inferno)
Templar, Biting Jabs (Puncturing Strikes)

Spell Critical Chance buffs
Minor Prophecy: +3% spell crit chance.
Sorcerer, Exploitation (passive, activating a dark magic ability)

Major Prophecy: +10% spell crit chance.
Mages Guild, Magelight (+morphs)
Dragonknight, Inferno (+morphs)
Templar, Sun Fire (+morphs)

Healing Done buffs
Minor Mending: +8% healing done.

Major Mending: +30% healing done.
Dragonknight, Igneous Shield (Obsidian Shield)

Healing Taken buffs
Minor Vitality: +8% healing received.
Undaunted, Bone Surge (Bone Shield)
Alliance War Support, Mystic Guard (Guard)
Dragonknight, Coagulating Blood (Dragon Blood)
Nightblade, Swallow Soul (Strife)
Templar, Restoring Focus (Rune Focus)

Major Vitality: +30% healing received.
Nightblade, Soul Siphon (Soul Shred)

Health Recovery buffs
Minor Fortitude: +10% health regen.
Templar, Restoring Aura (+morphs)

Major Fortitude: +20% health regen.
Fighters Guild, Ring of Preservation (Circle of Protection)
Mages Guild, Balance (Equilibrium)
Undaunted, Blood Altar (+morphs)
Dragonknight, Dragon Blood (+morphs)
Sorcerer, Absorption Field (Negate Magic)
Templar, Restoring Aura (+ Radiant Aura morph)

Magicka Recovery buffs
Minor Intellect: +10% magicka regen.
Sorcerer, Summon Restoring Twilight (Summon Winged Twilight)
Templar, Restoring Aura (+morphs)

Major Intellect: +20% magicka regen.
Sorcerer, Absorption Field (Negate Magic)

Stamina Recovery buffs
Minor Endurance: +10% stamina regen.
Nightblade, Relentless Focus (Grim Focus)
Templar, Restoring Aura (+morphs)

Major Endurance: +20% stamina regen.
Dragonknight, Green Dragon Blood (Dragon Blood)
Sorcerer, Absorption Field (Negate Magic)
Templar, Restoring Aura (+Radiant Aura)

Movement Speed buffs
Minor Expedition: +10% move speed.
Alliance War Assault, Charging Maneuver (Rapid Maneuver)

Major Expedition: +40% move speed.
Dual Wield, Quick Cloak (Blade Cloak)
Alliance War Assault, Rapid Maneuver (+morphs)
Nightblade, Double Take (Blur)
Nightblade, Path of Darkness (+morphs)
Nightblade, Cripple (+morphs)
Sorcerer, Absorption Field (Negate Magic)
Sorcerer, Boundless Storm (Lightning Form)

Major Gallop +40% mounted speed
Alliance War Assault, Rapid Maneuver (+morphs)

Ultimate Gain
Minor Heroism: +1 ult gain every sec.
Two Handed, Carve (Cleave)
One Hand and Shield, Heroic Slash (Low Slash)

Major Heroism: +3 ult gain every sec.

Damage Increase buffs
Minor Berserk: +8% all damage.
Restoration Staff, Combat Prayer (Blessing of Protection)
Nightblade, Grim Focus (+morphs)

Major Berserk: +25% all damage.
Nightblade, Reaper's Mark (Mark Target)
Sorcerer, Summon Storm Atronach (+morphs)

Reduce Armor debuffs
Minor Fracture: Small decrease to targetís physical resistance.
Bow, Focused Aim (Snipe)
Nightblade, Shadow Barrier (passive, activating a shadow ability)
Templar, Power of the Light (Backlash)

Major Fracture: Large decrease to the targetís physical resistance.
One Hand and Shield, Puncture (+morphs)
Dragonknight, Burning Breath (Fiery Breath)
Nightblade, Mark Target (+morphs)
Nightblade, Surprise Attack (Veiled Strikes)

Reduce Spell Resistance debuffs
Minor Breach: Small decrease to targetís spell resist.
Light Armor, Concentration (passive, when attacking in full set of Light Armor)

Major Breach: Large decrease to targetís spell resist.
One Hand and Shield, Pierce Armor (Puncture)
Destruction Staff, Weakness to Elements (+morphs)
Nightblade, Mark Target (+morphs)

Reduce Healing Taken debuffs
Minor Defile: -15% healing taken.

Major Defile: -30% healing taken.
One Hand and Shield, Reverberating Bash (Power Bash)
Bow, Lethal Arrow (Snipe)
Werewolf, Claws of Anguish (Infectious Claws)
Dragonknight, Dragonknight Standard (+morphs)
Nightblade, Death Stroke (+morphs)
Templar, Dark Fare (Solar Flare)

Reduce Max Health debuffs
Minor Mangle: -10% max health.
Destruction Staff, Pulsar (Impulse)

Major Mangle: -40% max health.

Damage reduction debuffs
Minor Maim: -15% damage dealt.
Two Handed, Dizzying Swing (Uppercut)
One Hand and Shield, Low Slash (+morphs)
Dragonknight, Choking Talons (Dark Talons)
Nightblade, Mass Hysteria (Aspect of Terror)
Nightblade, Summon Shade (+morphs)

Major Maim: -30% damage dealt.
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ESO stuff
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