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 Patch Notes and Game Updates

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PostSubject: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:42 pm

Vanguard Build 2152 Patch Notes September / 10 / 2008


Isle of Dawn
The Isle of Dawn was separated from the continent of Kojan during the cataclysm. A village of battle hardened humans and a band of zealot hobgoblins have warred against each other for centuries on the Isle. Their mutual hatred for one another runs deep and even now they are locked in an ongoing struggle. Recently though, increasing numbers of ulvari have begun to surface on the island – much to the dismay of both the humans and the hobgoblins.
Weakened by their perpetual war, the humans aren't able to capably defend themselves. Even now, their villages burn as they frantically seek aid. The isle is in desperate need of heroes.
- The Isle of Dawn is now available for new characters!
- When creating a new character, you will now be presented with two options for your starting location. The Isle of Dawn will be one option, and the other option will be your selected Race's standard starting area.
- PVP, Exchange Brokers, Death experience and tombstones are turned off on the Isle of Dawn.
Player levels have been capped at 10 on the Isle.

Character Model Revamp
Player character models in Vanguard have undergone a bit of a revamp. Not only have they been optimized for better performance but they have been given a new, updated look. The revamped models are now capable of looking much more heroic and contain a lot more personality. Worry not though, for those players who don’t necessarily want the heroic look, no customization options have gone away. In fact, we are reintroducing lots of facial customization as well.

Class Damage Updates
We have looked at and modified each class’s damage capability, ensuring that each lands in their correct place in the spectrum of classes. We have looked at many things, from raid wide damage capacity to the tank’s ability to control aggo, to the weak DPS of some healers and DPS classes. This was a relatively comprehensive pass to ensure that with GU6 raid targets are still killable. While the effects of these changes will primarily be felt at the highest end of the game, we are making sure that all levels of players are still functional. There has been extensive testing of these changes on the test server for the past several weeks and we’d like to thank all those players who have sent in testing logs – your efforts are greatly appreciated! For a more comprehensive list of class changes and updates, please read the list below.

Bug Fixes
In an effort to make the launch of the Isle of Dawn go as smoothly as possible, the Vanguard development team set aside a good portion of time this update to fix as many existing bugs as possible. We are pleased to announce that well over a thousand fixes are included with this patch. While many of them may not be immediately noticeable, we’ve included a more detailed list of those that are below.

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Number of posts : 943
Age : 60
Registration date : 2008-07-23

PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:42 pm

Patch Notes
Vanguard Build 2152 Patch Notes 9/09/2008

- Players now have an additional four character slots
- Admiral Chrykalis Primed bearing stance should now appear in the buff window.
- Agent of Kronos should have proper body graphics now.
- Avlour Sheenj should have the proper body now.
- Azeeta Shaheen should no longer sell riftway shards.
- Azimet Mehurr should now correctly spell his name.
- All boss dropped recipes (outside of APW) should no longer be soulbound.
- Bog Python stuck issue has been resolved.
- Boiling Blood should no longer break stealth.
- Borinn Darkshank should no longer show a sword icon when moused over.
- Brock the Biomancer has finally settled on a gender.
- Celestine Ward riftway is now labelled as 30 – 40
- Charbrook village should be labelled properly now.
- Dordug should path correctly now.
- Dreadbone Rider should no longer breath when dead.
- Eastpoint housing chunk should now be labeled properly as an outpost.
- Eidolon of Time should have a proper body graphic now.
- Erthagon Drudge's name has been fixed.
- Fixed an issue with the display of College of Infineum Studies and Research - Hall of Records.
- Fixed animation issue with the quest "Solid Stone".
- Fixed issue with Infineum mines where Yuni's Steps was displayed.
- Fixed issue with Jen Lo's display.
- Fixed issue with Kai Tak's display.
- Fixed issue with Miner Quartzbard's appearance.
- Fixed issue with stuck crows in Bordinar's Cleft.
- Fixed pathing issue with Rhantik Surelock
- Fixed placement of Turim Bucks in Bordinar's Cleft.
- Gnome racial ability Miner's Wit has been fixed to properly give 10 finesse and has been changed to Miner's Style.
- Gregan Blacque has had his dialogue updated and should now work correctly.
- Guard Jellis should be spending less time under the world now.
- Guard Torran should have the proper mouseover now.
- Gwartak Clan Club should now have the proper icon.
- Half Elf crafting racial should now properly increase problem solving.
- Harisotef Suikqo has had his name changed to Harisotef Quikqo.
- Karrusian Aegis' name should now display correctly above his head.
- Karrusian Claw should now display his name correctly.
- Lin Jing the cleric instructor has finally arrived in House of Fallen Leaves.
- Martok Okami Handler should now have the correct mouseover.
- Mature velok pathing should be better.
- Milo Summerpeddle should be a little more talkative now.
- Miner Forgeroar, Miner Hammerpike, Miner Brokengem, Miner Stonebreak, Miner Darkvein should now all display properly.
- Mitachi Waterstone should now only have valid dialogue options.
- More creatures in the Seawatch Coast area are now able to be skinned.
- Morig Ironbender should now sell weapons properly.
- Mutated Dragonfly should be doing less underwater flying.
- Freezing Touch: The description and the tooltip of the buff now match.
- Orcs should start with the proper equipment now.
- Pachugy Coast now has all the normal player housing facilities.
- Particle display for the 3rd Talon griffon buff has been fixed.
- Priori Larihnos should no longer be a floating head.
- Priori Nykmaga should no longer be a floating head.
- Private Narssis should have the proper mouseover now.
- Raikil Windflower's hail text should read much better now.
- Razorbeak should now animate when attacking. He has also lost some of his feathers in the process.
- Reaper's Finesse should display the proper level now.
- Rhyzopor should have less replication problems.
- Ridge Prowlers in Bordinar's Cleft should no longer get stuck in rocks.
- Rough Basilisk Claw should now have the proper icon.
- Sekamqa Haqiqat should no longer sit on an invisible chair.
- Shidreth trading company has been renamed to Shidreth Mining Company as it was always meant to be.
- Some higher level harvesting resources have been removed from Southwatch.
- Sorion Arachnids should do less tree climbing now.
- Spirit of Entrapment should attack properly now.
- Spirit of Iggiri has found the rest of his body.
- Surveyor Bereth should now have a proper body.
- The effect "Blessing of Might" now has a description.
- Trainee Slatebeard should no longer pop into the ground.
- Tuatiren Hunters should now award faction.
- Vesmo should now have the proper mouseover icon
- Watlun Uebatix should display correctly now.
- Weaver Jekaqie should now properly respond to questions about clergy belts.
- Wood Elf bard starting sets have been fixed.
- Pets are now able to start combat with a special attack.
- Player summoning spells are now working outside of 30m.
- Fix for Recall to House: Camping out immediately no longer resets the refresh timer for the Ability Recall to House.
- The furniture item "Silkbloom Kojani Pillow" should now display correctly.
- "The Good" title should now be a post title.
- A spelling error in the item "Vothdar Priest Shoulder Satchel" has been fixed.
- A text error in one of To Re the Spiritseer's parleys has been fixed.
- A text error in Shui Redwine's ambient dialogue has been fixed.
- A text error in the parley for "A New Wife for Omid" has been fixed.
- A text error in the quest "Earth Den Investigation" has been fixed.
- A typo in a parley for the quest "Reclaimer" has been fixed.
- A typo in one of the actions for the Granite Carving recipe has been fixed.
- A typo in one of the Soldier civic parleys on the Isle of Dawn has been fixed.
- A typo in Shui Redwine's dialogue has been fixed.
- A typo in the "Outpost Work" quest has been fixed.
- A typo in the description for the item "Rented Merchant's House" has been fixed.
- A typo in the quest "History of Elani" has been fixed.

- Bard - Altered the range display on the descriptions of several abilities to clarify the 40m max range of bard songs.
- Bard - Hinder I - Fixed a display issue that made it seem as though the first version of this ability was vastly better than the rest of the line.
- Bard - Shatter the Mountain - This attack now deals 350% weapon damage.
- Bard - Cleave the Mountain - This attack now deals 300% weapon damage.
- Bard - Hewing the Mountain - This attack now deals 300% weapon damage.
- Bard - Dance of the Blades - Reduced the maximum damage bonus to 20%.
- Blood Mage - Cleansing Leech - The effects of this symbiote will no longer be stripped by the Monk's meditation ability.
- Cleric - Armor of Faith - This ability, in addition to its previous effects, restores energy every 6 seconds.
- Cleric - Favor of Vothdar, Favor of Vaelion - Reduced refresh time on these to 5 minutes and they no longer incur global recovery.
- Cleric - Gift of Ardor - Decreased the maximum damage bonus ofthis ability to 10% and lowered its duration to 12 seconds. Range has been increased to 30m and it no longer incurs global recovery.
- Cleric - Divine Light - Lowered the refresh time to 10 seconds and increased the size of the heal.
- Cleric - New Spell - Intervention has been added to trainers at level 50. This is a very large heal with an instant cast time and an 8 second refresh time. It also has 100% diminishing returns for 6 seconds.
- Disciple - Touch of Woe now has damage values in its tool tip.
- Disciple - Increased the damage on all versions of Touch of Woe
- Disciple - Fleeting Feet now makes you immune to movement debuffs for its duration
- Disciple - Fleeting Feet now has a 45 second refresh.
- Disciple - Fleeting Feet now costs 15 endurance
- Disciple - Paralyzing Touch and Paralyzing Sweep now change the appearance of those affected
- Disciple - Paralyzing Sweep now adds a 100% chance on hit to stun your attacker for 15 seconds or 1 hit. This effect lasts for 10 seconds.
- Disciple - Increased the damage dealt by Kiss of Torment
- Disciple - Awakening now has a 3 second cast time.
- Disciple - Ra'Jin Flare now costs 3 Jin
- Disciple - Ra'Jin Flare is no longer a spell, it is a ranged attack that requires shuriken
- Disciple - Removed the refresh timer on Ra'Jin Flare
- Disciple - Endowment of Balance now lasts 10 minutes
- Disciple - Introduced new ability line at level 18 called Meditate
- Disciple - Introduced new ability line at level 10 called Inner Light. Inner Light contains components from all previous Harmonious Bonds.
- Disciple - Removed the Gift of Anguish, Gift of Vitae and Sage's Endowment ability lines.
- Disciple - Reworked Endowment of Balance to have Jin regeneration instead of a damage shield
- Disciple - Removed the Jin regeneration from the Immortal Jade Dragon Form
- Disciple - Removed the spell mitigation portion of the Immortal Jade Dragon combat form
- Disciple - Added a new passive ability called Transcendence at level 10. Transcendence grants 15% spell mitigation.
- Disciple - Endowment of Mastery now lasts 10 minutes
- Disciple - Immortal Jade Dragon now has an added bonus. Whenever you are in this stance Kiss of Heaven and Blessed Wind will have an instant healing effect added.
- Disciple - Added a 6 second refresh to Blessed Wind
- Disciple - Kiss of Heaven is now defensive targeted.
- Disciple - The healing portion of Kiss of Heaven has been upgraded in effectiveness
- Disciple - Kiss of Heaven now lasts 32 seconds
- Disciple - Kiss of Heaven is no longer a Harmonious Bond
- Disciple - Kiss of Heaven now costs 4 Jin
- Disciple - Purity now lasts for 2 minutes and has a refresh of 90 seconds.
- Disciple - Purity now costs 5 Jin
- Disciple - Purity now increases healing on your target by 300.
- Disciple - Purity now has a range of 25m.
- Disciple - Falling Petal and White Lotus Strike are now caster group targeted.
- Disciple - Inner Focus now can be cast on multiple targets, is no longer a bond and lasts for 5 minutes.
- Dread Knight - Backlash no longer incurs global recovery
- Dread Knight - Lowered refresh on Bane down to 3 minutes.
- Dread Knight - Lowered Hatred Incarnate refresh to 10 minutes.
- Dread Knight - Bane no longer lowers Dreadful Countenance
- Monk - Errant Strikes - Duration lowered to 12 sec.
- Monk - Withering Palm - Increased damage to 150% weapon damage.
- Monk - Iron Hand - This ability is now called Iron Resolve. It adds the damage as before, but also increases intelligence.
- Monk - Drunken Sway - A mitigation bonus has been added and the hatred generated by all attacks is increased by 25%.
- Monk - Drunken Fist Form - Reduced the damage bonus of this form. The new bonuses is 12%, 14%, 16%. Also reduced the mitigation penalty. New penalties are -4%, -3%, -2%.
- Monk - Storm Dragon Form - Reduced the damage bonus of this form. The new bonuses is 14%, 16%, 18%. Also reduced the mitigation penalty. New penalties are -5%, -4%, -3%.
- Monk - Jin Surge - The cost of this ability has been lowered to 4 jin and the duration has been increased to 3 attacks.
- Monk - Crescent Kick - Increased the refresh to 12 seconds.
- Monk - Staggering Punch - This attack has been changed. It now deals melee damage plus a large scaling amount. It costs 20 endurance and it now incurs global recovery and has a 10 second refresh.
- Monk - Ashen Hand - This ability now deals 200% weapon damage plus a scaling amount. It now costs 6 Jin to activate.
- Monk - Secret of Ice/Fire - Proc rate has been reduced to 25%
- Necromancer - Life Draught: Ability now heals player character when not in a group.
- Necromancer - New Ability - Bane of Heaven has been added to trainers at level 50. This is an extremely powerful DoT that also increases the damage that your abomination deals to the target. This spell is only usable on targets level 53 and up.
- Necromancer - Grasp of the Grave - This spell now has a 2 sec cast time.
- Necromancer - Plague of Infestation - This spell now has a 2 sec cast time.
- Paladin - Blade of Vol Anari I - This attack will no do the correct amount of damage.
- Paladin - Champion's Might - The strength buff portion of this ability will once again stack with Maul of the Gods.
- Paladin - Devout Foeman - Fixed a bug that caused the use of one rank of this ability to not cause the remainder of the line to refresh. Now, using any rank of this ability will cause the entire line to refresh.
- Paladin - Strike of Gloriann - Shield of Gloriann will now display a correct cast message.
- Paladin - Strike of Gloriann - This ability's description now details the correct amount of armor increase.
- Paladin - Sunburst - This ability now correctly affects Fiendish targets.
- Psionicist - Thought Pulse - This spell no longer deals damage to you and no longer increases in power the more it is cast. Its base damage and cirtical hit chance has been increased and at 6 second refresh has been added.
- Ranger - Lowered the weapon damage on Blade of the Equinox and Blde of the Solstice to 350%.
- Rogue - Cleared up some ability activation text issues.
- Rogue - Fixed some inconsistencies with level requirement display on Poison and Scroll passive abilities
- Rogue - Elusive Foe - Has been changed. This form is now called Devious Foe. This form increases damage by 8%, dodge chance by 5% and adds 10% refresh timer haste. In addition, while in this form your Deadly and Vicious Strike will deal additional damage.
- Rogue - Stalking - Consuming Druid berries will no longer break your stealth.
- Rogue - Quickblade - Now lasts 8 seconds and has a much lowered energy cost.
- Rogue - Assassin's Mark - This ability is now called Assassin's Guile. It now grants your group up to 8% bonus damage and 5% critical hit chance.
- Rogue - Stalking - Bonus damage from this ability now hasa maximum cap of 15%.
- Rogue - Shank/Shiv - A 20 second refresh has been added to these attacks.
- Rogue - Eviscerate - Lowered endurance cost by 4.
- Shaman - Aegis of Life - This heal now has a large instant portion in addition to the reactive portion. Cast time has been lowered to 2 seconds and a 10 second refresh has been added. Reactive heal portion has been increased to 1200 and lasts for 10 seconds or until 4800 health has been healed.
- Sorcerer - Quartz focus will now strip previous focus buffs.
- Sorcerer - Lowered the cast time of all versions of Taqmir's Barrage to 2 seconds.
- Warrior - All warriors should now start with two weapons.
- Warrior - Grim Determination - The description for this ability has been altered to make it more clear that if you use the ability and then change forms the ability will stop working.
- Warrior - Ironfoe - This ability will now protect against Palpenipe's Oblivion Shot ability. This ability should now say that it is instant activate.
- Warrior - Mountainous Barrier - Should now say that it is instant activate.
- Warrior - Pommel Smash II - This ability now deals the correct amount of damage and adds the correct amount of hate.
- Warrior - Warden's Bulwark - This ability will now animate correctly.
- Warrior - Enrage - The health condition has been removed from this ability allowing it to be used at any time. It now lasts 18 seconds and has a maximum damage bonus of 20%.


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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:44 pm

- Anvils should now have a more appropriate icon.
- Architect's Apron should no longer drop from blacksmith work orders.
- Bordinar's Cleft miner's should be wielding the proper tools now.
- Cliffstrider Troll should drop the proper tier harvestable now.
- Crafted resource bags should now show up under harvesting container on the exchange.
- Carvings of Alacrity will no longer decrease spell haste by 95%. They will instead increase spell haste by 5% as intended.
- Healthy Necklaces of Countering have had their stats adjusted so that they actually have Countering bonuses.
- Items with the Blessing of Might buff will now correctly give Wisdom when the proc is successful.
- Items with the effect Blessing of Might have had more information added to their Equipped Effect's description.
- Items with the Gift of Might equipped effect have had the description updated to the correct duration on the ability. It was always 30 seconds, but the description said it only lasted for 20 seconds. Now these match at 30 seconds.
- Kojani style Flawless Warding Robes should now display as Robes rather than Tunics.
- Dranin Silverbeard should properly display assembly recipes now.
- Fixed placement of assembly table in Bordinar's Cleft.
- Orc crafting racial should properly give finesse now.
- The blacksmith forge in the Tentree's Farmstead has shifted position and should no longer be floating.
- The chandelier work order item has had its icon updated.
- The harvesting instructor on the Isle of Dawn should no longer offer an invalid training option.

- Head Informants for the Lamplighters have arrived in New Targonor, Ahgram, and Tawar Galan. They offer an array of rewards in exchange for unequalled information.
- Diplomats at levels 10, 30, and 50 can pick Signature Statements to further customize their decks. Visit your local Diplomacy Instructor for more details.
- Diplomacy Instructors should now offer a selection of basic statements for sale.
- Traders are now looking for diplomats who want to make some extra coin! They need talented negotiators to move goods. See Renny in New Targonor, Lura in Ahgram, or Nakiro in Tawar Galan for details.
- Basic starting Statements for diplomats have been updated. Characters now start with a basic set of universal Statements as well as one unique racial Statement and one unique class Statement.
- Collecting taxes is now more profitable.
- Presence requirement values have been lowered for most parleys. This should help eliminate the problems with players getting stuck on basic quest lines due to not having enough of the correct type of presence.
- Many NPCs available for Civic Diplomacy now have updated decks. They have a Strategy progression identical to players, giving them more cards to access in a parley. This change gives the NPCs more variety in their parleys and will make them harder to predict.
- Civic Diplomacy parley experience has been increased.
- Topaz Blade will now correctly fit in to diplomacy containers.

- Afrit: Fixed an issue with a Var Guardian floating in the air.
- Afrit: Gatrik Qoj is no longer a floating head.
- Afrit: Hajir Thoun is no longer a floating head.
- Afrit: Krovax Threxva is no longer a floating head.
- Afrit: Oloq Foulqoth is no longer a floating head.
- Afrit: Rezo Xylorn is no longer a floating head.
- Afrit: Tharuz Draxen is no longer a floating head.
- Afrit: Vazayen Zexthal is no longer a floating head.
- Ahgram: Fixed a grammar issue wtih Irri Al-Doleh's hail text.
- Ahgram: Fixed a grammatical error in Shakan Rebandars dialogue.
- Ahgram: Hushang Kordiyeh is no longer standing on top of his tent.
- Ahgram: Ju Mai is no longer just a floating head.
- Ahgram: Prophet of Vaelion will once again kill you if you fail his puzzle.
- Ahgram: Kedjeh Devari is no longer a floating head.
- Ancient Port Warehouse: Many of the "living" population are no longer immune to Soul Blight. Cast away happy necros!
- Bordinar's Cleft: Fixed a pathing issue with a Pygmy Cave Bat.
- Bordinar's Cleft: Removed a Gwartak Scavenger from inside a rock.
- Bordinar’s Cleft: Adjusted the pathing for Lieutenant Garrith Goldforge
- CIS: Alakrus Dei is no longer a floating head.
- CIS: Fixed a typo in Recruiter Trevorak's dialogue.
- CIS: Fixed a typo in Scholar Donovan's title.
- CIS: Infineum Soul Shard's are now attackable.
- CIS: Fixed a typo in Smith Of'Barba's title.
- Cliffs of Ghelgad: All 'Ksaravi Scorpiontamer' NPC's are now known as 'Ksaravi Scorpion Tamer'.
- Cliffs of Ghelgad: Subjugated Mekalian Citizens are no longer just floating heads.
- Connor’s Retreat: A housing escrow merchant, banker, and Exchange Broker have all been added to Conner's Retreat.
- Cragwind Ridge: Removed some Kranoxian Slammers from inside a rock.
- Cragwind Ridge: Zyfuurnal Priests are longer clipping into the ground while walking.
- Cragwind Ridge: The Lesser Shrines - The ritual at the Shrine of the Tempest will now reset properly if not completed in time.
- Dahknarg: Removed a lion from inside a rock.
- Falgarholm: Removed a Rockhide Runt from inside a rock.
- Fon Cogswin's dialogue should respond faster.
- Forest's Heart: Removed a bear from inside a tree.
- Frostshard Lake: Frostwing Claws will now 'fly' in the air instead of 'walk'.
- Frostshard Lake: Jargar, Servant of Torkald is no longer a floating head.
- Gawrut Ker: Planted a sign that was floating in the air.
- Grimsea Watch: Removed a Mud Croaker from inside a rock.
- Hathor Zhi: Anuub Karu is no longer a floating head.
- Hathor Zhi: Fixed a few pathing issues with some Voracious Sandcrawlers.
- Hathor Zhi: Priori Drathar is no longer a floating head.
- Ichtakhta: Hulking Abhorrent's Destroying Hit will no longer reduce AC by 100% and will now reduce AC by 20% as intended.
- Infineum Plateaus: The crafting outpost now gives rest exp.
- Khal: Beggar Jaineen is no longer a floating head.
- Khal: Beggar Jorkaye is no longer a floating head.
- Khal: Beggar Karmala is no longer a floating head.
- Khal: Fixed an issue with Guard Tarra's hail text.
- Khal: Karibeth Mishra now responds to hails.
- Khal: Nora Sabiri is no longer a floating head.
- Khal: The 'Bank of Khal' sign has been re-placed properly.
- Khal: Verihn Stonecaller is no longer a floating head.
- Ksaravi Gulch: The Reef Sharks are now swimming instead of crawling halfway in the bottom floor of the ocean.
- Leth Nurae: A horse was missing it's tail and he grew a new one!
- Leth Nurae: Fixed a typo in Guardian Draenas' dialogue.
- Leth Nurae: Removed a Bilescale Cockatrice from inside a rock.
- Lomshir Plain: Engath Varnan is no longer a floating head.
- Lomshir Plain: The Haekemish Sentries no longer appear as floating heads.
- Lomshir: As'trida Kanoj is no longer standing on a fence.
- Lomshir: Basi Fulan is no longer a floating head.
- Lomshir: Basi Fulan's appearance has been fixed.
- Lomshir: Horsethief Raiders no longer appear as floating heads.
- Lomshir: Prince Hazzan is no longer a floating head.
- Lomshir: Quojor Wulner is no longer a floating head.
- Lomshir: Sara Kordin is no longer a floating head.
- Lomshir: Wulg Lakniv is no longer a floating head.
- Martok: Warseer Fezzik's questionaire is working again.
- Mekalia: Agent Odapep is no longer a floating head.
- Mekalia: Constable Janicht should no longer get stuck in the floor.
- Mekalia: Dijok Hokon is no longer a floating head.
- Mekalia: Fixed an issue where you could not target Apprentice Xadalen using the mouse only.
- Misthaven Crossing: Fixed an error in a signpost that was pointing to New Targonor. It now points to Silverlake as intended.
- Misthaven Crossing: Vulshar Soilpurge now has a pickaxe in her hands as intended.
- Monk: Flying Kick III: Fixed a typo in the tooltip.
- New Targonor- Fay will no longer randomly appear as a pair of yellow eyes.
- New Targonor: Crafty Carla and the forge she stood by have been moved to rear of a nearby tent.
- New Targonor: General Goods Vendor, Harney Goodman, will now offer to repair your gear.
- New Targonor: Guard Taylor will now use her crossbow properly when she wields it.
- New Targonor: Mornir Singello no longer has a distorted figure.
- New Targonor: Valentina Ryan is no longer sitting on an invisible chair.
- New Targonor: Reeve Gromwell no longer paths the room he is in.
- NPCs: Guardians of the Muse (Kall'Raa, the Dark Muse) will no longer continually spawn once Kall'Raa is dead.
- Old Targonor: Fixed an error in Spirit of Thorlin's dialogue tree.
- Pankor Zhi: The Guardians of Pankor decided to stretch their wings and fly.
- Plains of Anguish: Fixed some pathing issues with a few Lesser Cartheon Soldiers.
- Qa Riverbank: Fixed some typos in Constable Xyxell's dialogue.
- Rahz Inkur - Oracle Event: When picking up an essence, it will no longer disappear if you cancel the action.
- Razad: Belinii Neulstoz is no longer a floating head.
- Razad: Huldhar Shihebi is no longer standing on his tent.
- Razad: The scorpions at the bottom of the lake have evolved into angry fish.
- Renton Keep: Fixed a grammatical error in Guard Watts' hail text.
- Renton Keep: Raldien Culmadier is no longer attackable.
- Renton Keep: Removed a Rekk Excavator from within a rock.
- River Valley: Dhelas is no longer running at the speed of sound.
- Ruins of Trengal Keep - Karujin Gulgrethor's event is working again.
- Ruins of Trengal Keep - Several NPCs with bad pathing have been corrected.
- Sacrificial Brancers is now known as Sacrificial Bracers.
- Shrine of the Flame: A Grasslands Bear was removed from within some rocks. Hurray!
- Shrine of the Flame: Ashendreg Hunters now hold and use their bows properly.
- Southwatch: Fixed a grammatical error in Protector Gallad's hail text.
- Southwatch: Trenna Kashers has been rooted in place.
- Strand of the Ancients: Fixed several pathing issues with Pyremaw Lioness'.
- Stranglewater Shore: One of the Xenn Chaotics should no longer be stuck.
- Tanvu: Imperial Scout Pin Sho will now use his crossbow as a ranged weapon instead of a melee weapon.
- Tanvu: Ko Fan Bladesong's path has been slightly adjusted.
- Tanvu: Orimaki Kaniu is no longer a floating head.
- Tanvu: Several of the Lao'Jin Warriors should not get stuck in walls anymore.
- Tanvu: Added a shaman trainer to Tanvu.
- Tar Janashir: Telqo Sanedidjeh is no longer a floating head.
- Tar Janashir: Ovadaco Modisu's face should no longer be distorted.
- Tawar Galan: Fixed an issue with Sailor Janeth's pathing.
- Tawar Galan: Kobo Ironclub is no longer floating in the air.
- Tawar Galan: Warden Allegran is no longer floating.
- Three Rivers: Removed a Living Stoneflux from within a rock.
- Tomb of Lord Tsang: The bindstone has been restored and moved near Lotus Hold.
- Trickster's Haven: Fixed a typo in Nayib Al'Kalee's dialogue.
- Tursh: Fixed a typo in Volotin's Workshop and Foundry sign.
- Varryn Dunes: Tahreen will no longer wander the camp.
- Vault of Heroes: Fixed an issue with a Rockgazer pathing through rocks.
- Vault of Heroes: Thane of Torsheim is no longer a floating head.
- Vault of Heroes: A griffon chick was removed from inside some rocks.
- Veskal's Exchange: Geenback Spiders are now known as Greenback Spiders
- Veskal's Exchange: The dungeon Jade Depths has been rebalanced as a solo or two person group dungeon. Drop rates on rare items have been increased. Some items have received extra attention.
- Veskal's Exchange: The dungeon Achlatan Spider Caves has been rebalanced for groups of four to five. Drop rates on rare items have been increased. Some items have received extra attention.
- Veskal's Exchange: The difficulty of bosses in the Achlatan Spider Caves has been increased. Groups of four should have a reasonable challenge.
- Veskal's Exchange: The Cleric and Druid trainers are now easier to locate.
- Veskal's Exchange: The Telon Global Exchange and a Thestran Banker are now available.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:46 pm

- Apostle's Bladestaff has had its stats adjusted.
- Bow of the hero should now work correctly with ranged attacks.
- Brainfreeze is now properly labelled as a focus item.
- Carmellia Seeds should now be flagged as quest.
- Cloaks of perfection should have the proper stats now.
- Coarse fistwraps should now have the proper icon.
- Crude Reinforced Weighted Piercing Shuriken should now properly be labeled as Crude - Reinforced Light Piercing Shuriken.
- Crusader's Sword has had its stats adjusted.
- Darkblade should now look like a sword.
- Darkwood Bow should have the proper classes listed on it now.
- Griffon Watch Insignia should no longer cancel the Harmonious Body Stance buff when equipped.
- Branch of Mint now stacks up to 20 at a time.
- Drape of Coalition should now correctly add damage to all appropriate attacks.
- Earthstar Greatmaul appropriately looks like a two-hander now.
- Fevered Pauldrons of Ambition has been renamed to Fevered Reinforcements of Ambition. The item has always been a Reinforcement.
- Fother's Ancient Port now explains what it will do in the item description.
- Fresh Fish now regenerates a proper amount of health and energy.
- Hassan's Focal Sword has changed. The proc now triggers for the next attack only.
- Hyper-Cloth Cap's description has been changed to reflect the cloak's existing power.
- Kormstu's Jeweled Warhammer now looks like a Warhammer instead of a Staff.
- Mara's Kiss will now proc appropriately, granting group members within 25 meters the appropriate bonuses.
- Meteoric Blade of Rending will now have a red colored name. Previously it was showing up as gray or white.
- Numerous items that increased Endurance have had that stat removed. If you find an item that does not require at least level 48 with Endurance on the item, please report it.
- Ring of Inhibition's activated ability now works at the same level that is required to equip the item.
- Several "Pantaloons" from Ancient Port Warehouse have been renamed to "Kilts" to fit the look of the armor.
- The attached effects on Bulky Heart of Fire and Bulky Heart of Regeneration have had their names swapped. The effects have remained the same, but the names have been corrected to match the name of the item that they are on.
- The Butcher's Blade can now be equipped with the /wear command.
- The Gnomish crystal "Prism of Retaliation" will now buff your party members as was originally intended.
- Warbow of Ancient Evil should once again proc at any normal range. The proc will now also generate a message indicating how much life was drained.
- Xenocite Cloaking Bracelet has had its cooldown added to the item description. The cooldown on the item has been reduced from 25 minutes to 20 minutes.
- Anhak's Right Wing has had its reuse timer lowered from 15 minutes to 2 minutes. The item claimed to enable your next spell as instant cast, but it never did. The description is updated to read that it lowers your next spell's cast time by 30%.
- Tiny Roseberries have had a refresh timer added to their description. There was already a 60 second refresh, but now the description says so.
- Siren's Kiss darts should only have one description now.
- Priest's Knuckle now has stats.
- Tattered Mystic Robe should now have the proper icon.
- The description for the item "Zewg's Shield" is now fixed.
- The item "Ancient Glory" should no longer be equippable as a cloak.
- The item "Blessed Lumber" had a typo in its description fixed.
- The item "Card of the Skawlra" has had a typo fixed in its name.
- The item "Channeler Robe" now has the correct icon.
- The item "Crossbow of the Redcaps" now has a sell price.
- The item "Fae Dust Robe" now has the correct icon.
- The item "Precision Throwing Hammer" should now have its name spelled correctly.
- The item "Robe of Desert Suns" now has the correct icon.
- Xenocite Cape: The reuse timer has been set to 20 min.
- Lokke’s Blade of Malice: The Lesser Rage of Ghalnn ability has been fixed, as it never worked before. In addition, this effect has been modified to only work on targets level 50 and below.
- Lokke’s Greataxe of Hatred: The Lesser Rage of Ghalnn ability has been fixed, as it never worked before. In addition, this effect has been modified to only work on targets level 50 and below.

- Abandoning the quest "Outpost Work" will now take the quest materials away.
- Practice Thestran Caravel Rudders will now stack up to 5 at a time.
- Heart of Clay: Fixed a grammatical error in the reward text.
- Ancient Weapons of Leth Verael - The location for Thorian Glowban has been corrected."
- Assist the Spiritragers- You must now complete Spiritblossom Harvest, Specialized Training and The Broken fang Threat before this quest becomes available.
- By Night: Investigating the source behind Tremean Farm for Grelrin Tremean will now work at night as it was intended.
- Divide and Conquer - Now offers Heirloom Blessed Mace as a reward.
- Faith in Jin - This quest will be offered my Master Garu again if you accidently closed the window before accepting.
- Fly the Friend Skies - This quest was removed from certain creature handlers in cities with multiple races. Each city will now offer the quest from one creature handler. If you belong to a city with multiple races, see the following NPC for the quest:
Ca'ial Brael - Moonlite Starwatcher
Halgarad - Ogrin Ghuu
Khal - Casemin Rafdul
Lomshir - Xyrix Mangvir
Martok - Mardirk Hogdumfar
Tanvu - Xous Comir"
- Hillshadow - Svartr Rugtvedt will offer the quest properly again.
- Martok's Past - You can fill your mug of ale properly again.
- Missive: TASK: Jump the Knights - Knights of Kaon will now update the quest properly.
- Protecting Misthaven: Zihurr Legionnaires - The kill requirement has been reduced to 20. Also, the summary text now reminds you to return to Timon Mooren when done.
- Pulling Teeth - This quest is now properly flagged as a group quest instead of solo.
- Put Farmer John to Rest - This quest now has potion rewards.
- Rakshasa Citadel: Closing the Portal - Fixed a typo in the summary.
- Relic of Courage - The drop for this quest has been converted over to the multi-loot system.
- Relic of Honor - The drop for this quest has been converted over to the multi-loot system.
- Relic of Wisdom - The drop for this quest has been converted over to the multi-loot system."
- Return a Borrowed Weapon: A location for Ryldrak Kiltlar has been added.
- Rising In Ranks - Light Fighters are now required to complete Moving On Up before this quest becomes available to them.
- Seeds of Power - Changed the word 'Come' to 'Came'.
- Test of Will: The event to test your will is working again.
- The Time Has Come: Fixed the issue where if you abandoned Part 2 of the quest, you could not re-accept it. Also, added a trigger to Bujeju Stylcra to resummon the Khelium Firespine Hatchling so you do not have to abandon the quest and re-accept it to get it back.
- The quest "Bad Timing" has had its parleys fixed.
- The quest "Civic Diplomacy Tutorial: Levers" should now be working on Kev Wematmani.
- The quest "Earth Den Investigation" now has travel journal entries.
- The quest "Engran's Errand" now has a travel journal entry.
- The quest "Horsebane Tick Infestation" should tell you to return to the proper NPC now.
- The quest "Pig Part Portents" should now work correctly.
- The quest "The Hobgoblin Threat" now offers a travel journal entry for the Tentree's Farmstead.
- The quest item "Ornate Qalian Chain" should now fit into diplomacy containers.
- There have been spelling fixes in "The Diplomat" quest.
- Yoshin Stormvalley should now correctly confirm you are giving him "two" wooden grips instead of "three" for the quest "More Items for Yoshin"
- Soup for Veskal: The Main Ingredient: The frogs required for this quest have had their level increased.
- Dark Roots: Weapon rewards for this quest have been upgraded to Rare quality. A Dread Knight and Monk/Disciple weapon have been added.

Broker Changes
- Broker time limit on items added. Initial time will be 14 days changeable by design.
- All Markets combined into one.
- Market cap increased to 50 items.
- Markets will be reset on patch day or when code gets patched for internal servers.
- Time left on a market item will be displayed in short time format on the broker window.
- Items that expire will still show up in your item list saying expired. You will have 7 days to relist the item. After that it will be returned through game mail.

- A number of options have been removed to help simplify and consolidate the settings interface. The reason for the change was to remove the clutter and to remove settings that were not totally functional or where the settings could hurt the players performance. Most if not all of these settings can still be manually modified in the VGClient.ini but we strongly recommend not changing them.
- It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that players reset their settings by clicking on the defaults option when they first login and then customize them from there.
- Added a new Character tab to the settings window that contains character related settings.
- Targets target will now always be on by default
- Group target symbols will now always be on by default.
- Hitting cancel will no longer cause your video device to reset.
- The audio distance slider will now save properly.
- The setting for Clip Plane now shows in meters instead of centimeters.
- Added Offensive Target Windows options.
- Fixed numerous incorrect or missing tooltips to the windows settings.

- The patcher will now patch down pre-compiled shaders. The client will no longer attempt to compile your shaders at start up.

- Additional memory leak fixes at the DirectX level.
- Fixed a significant memory leak from Alt+Tabbing
- More general memory leak fixes.
- The majority of objects will now fade in when they become viewable instead of popping in.

- Chat bubbles: When a player switches from 1st person to 3rd person view, their last spoken chat bubble will no longer pop up and display even if they said it minutes ago. Chat bubble timing will now start when the bubble is created, rather than upon first render of the bubble.
- Fixed an issue where the min. range on some abilities would show negative numbers on the tooltip.
- Fixed an issue where some NPC dialogs would have text in them. They should now properly show the players name.
- Fixed an issue where the character sheet was showing the wrong tooltip for the primary harvesting skill.
- Unique items can once again be removed from the bank.
- Tutorial popups no longer popup in the middle of the screen. They are now displayed as a list of exclamation points.
- Fixed an issue with the Pickpocket tooltip not displaying.
- Ships will now properly despawn when you sail into a no boat area. This is mainly in the Skawlra Rock area.
- The character sheet no longer has a place for your character portrait. The inventory slots have been centered in the UI window. You can still drop items anywhere on the character sheet and have it auto-equip them.
- Selling an item to a merchant that is for a quest will now properly update the quest window.
- The description for Harvesting Packs has been fixed to show the correct bag type and container size.
- Fixed an issue at character select where if you deleted all of your characters, the first slot sometimes would have a phantom character in it.
- Unique Items like the Body Bag created through assembly now check to see if the player already has that item before finishing the recipe.
- Having multiple stacks of an item will no longer prevent that item from being assembled or resulting in the wrong item being assembled.
- Fixed an issue where players were able to get their flying mount in an un-flyable state.
- Fixed an issue where players could fall to their deaths when crossing a chunk line.
- Player torches now turn off when returning to character select.
- Fixed an issue with the required level on ammo cases being displayed wrong.
- When using an ability that takes ammo, it will now always come from the container before looking in the range slot.
- Fixed an issue where players would sink into the ground when they die on a mount.
- Fixed an issue where a player would no longer levitate after crossing a chunk line.
- Fixed an issue with the NPC Frazik not properly completing his script.
- Merchant prices are now displayed on all items without going to a merchant.
- Shadow Step: You can now open combat with this ability.
- Fixed an exploit where you could AE unattackable NPCs.
- Fixed an issue where casting Necropsy on an already looted harvestable NPC resulted in a level 1 loot.
- Ability hotkeys will now automatically be upgraded when you train a higher level version of the ability.
- Fixed an issue where hotkeys would not always appear on your main bar when training a new ability (if there was room).
- Fix for an issue where training a new ability would sometimes replace a hotkey that had already been deleted erroneously.
- Raise the death penalty level to 11.
- Added "This item cannot be deconstructed" to all items that cannot be deconstructed.
- There will no longer be a 3 sec delay before a corpse with no items becomes harvestable.
- Fixed an issue where when harvesting in a group and someone killed an NPC, harvesting would end.
- Players can now toggle “Anonymous” status by typing “/anon”
- AFK status now properly resets when logging in and out.

Character Customizations
- Character customizations have been re-added.
- All male characters now have the options of being bald.
- Character models can no longer have their textures set to lowest setting.
- Added Head and Body buttons which changes the camera angle when customizing a character.
- Fixed an issue where customization settings were not properly saving if they were set to the far left.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:39 pm

Vanguard Build 2152 Patch Notes September / 11 / 2008


- Fixed a problem with Dresla’s persistent respawn timer.
- Fixed an issue causing Shaman’s to have duplicate icons in when in their forms.
- Fixed issue with the Winter’s Roar ability line.
- Fixed issue with summoning IOD Pegasus mount.
- Fixed issue with NPC damage being to low.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Fri Sep 19, 2008 5:57 pm

Vanguard Build 2152

Patch Notes September / 18 / 2008

- Fixed problems with Sano, a boss fight related to the griffon quest.

Patch Notes September / 16 / 2008

Tsang weapons should now summon their offhand item when right clicked.
Riftkeeper should display properly now.
An issue causing the Sano event not to work has been resolved.
Imbued saddle items that were marked as quest should now be tradeable.
Fixed Recall should now be available on trainers outside of IOD.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Sat Sep 27, 2008 11:56 am

Vanguard Build 2152 Patch Notes September / 25 / 2008

- A temporary solution for the current memory leak has been included in this update. We are continuing to work on a more complete fix for the issue. As a result, you may experience a slight hitch or brief flashing of characters every 30mins if your system is low on memory.
- There should be a noticeable FPS improvement for those who use Balanced settings. There was a setting that was on in Balanced that should have been off. You will need to click on default in the settings window to reset this value.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:18 am



Necromancer - abomination grafts will no longer get in a bugged state when mounting and un-mounting.
Necromancer - Detonate Corpse can no longer be used beyond the specified range.


Completing the Isle of Dawn harvesting tutorials now rewards you with the standard harvesting equipment found on the mainland. In addition, if you complete the Isle tutorial, the mainland one will not be offered. This should prevent people from accidently resetting their skills.
The crafting recipe trainer will now show the prices for the abilities that can be trained.


Tax collection has had its higher end rewards increased.
The item "Card of Cherry Pick" has had a text error in its description fixed.
The presence on the Lamplighter Cloaks has been increased.
The presence on the Lamplighter Sashes has been increased.
Some items from the Head Informants have been updated: the Lamplighter Wrist Purse now has +200 Merchant and Noble Presence, the Lamplighter Luggage now holds 75 diplomacy items, and there are new cloaks, necklaces, and sashes available.
The Informant's Sigils on-equip enhancement should no longer disappear after a period of time.
The Civic Benefit "Sage Words" now increases spell haste as displayed instead of decreasing it.
Nelon Issan is now stronger in parley and has his own unique Statement. (tested this one rofl hes easier but there you go)
Trade goods now do not stack and cannot be mailed. However, they will also now fit in diplomacy containers.
Hitting escape when in parlay will no longer unintentionally end the parlay.
Monetary rewards from trade parleys have been reduced. (As it goes tested errrr no doh its been upped should get facts straight what they mean is money has increased but you have a lockout timer now)

The item "Kojani Caravel Mast" now stacks.
The item "Practice Kojani Caravel Helm" now stacks.


Hunter Elan will now offer the "Ring of the Rakshasa" quests if you declined them initially."
Kojani Caravel Rudders now stack.
Cragwind Ridge: The Lesser Shrines - The ritual at the Shrine of the Tempest will now reset properly if not completed in time."
The Achatlan Invader's Plans: The Redcap Gossipers are functioning properly again."


Quest: Amphibious Vengeance - Fixed a grammatical error in the quest text.
Quest: Becoming Bold - Fixed a grammatical error in the quest text.
Quest: Crippling The Fleet - Fixed a grammatical error in the quest text.
Quest: Forest Enchanted Helm - Fixed a grammatical error in the quest summary text.
Quest: Forest Enchanted Sabatons - Fixed a grammatical error in the quest text.
Quest: Horsebane Tick Infestation - Fixerd a grammatical error in the quest text.
Quest: Mail of the Father - Fixed a grammatical error in the quest text.
Quest: Oathbreakers: Destroy the Enslaved Kobolds - Fixed a grammatical error in the quest text.
Quest: Swamp Satin: Robe - Fixed a grammatical error in the quest summary text.
Quest: The Crafty One - Fixed a grammatical error in the quest text.
Quest: Fight the Yukionna - Fixed a grammatical error in the quest text


All PC pets will now mitigate 75% of all incoming Area of Effect damage.
Legendary Critical Hits will now only generate as much hate as an Epic Critical Hit.
You may no longer get "super legendary" critical hits. This would have displayed as a normal legendary critical but would have done 2 times the damage.
Each level of critical hit above normal critical hits will now only do an additional 10% damage instead of double damage.
You can now see a list of the items in your bags in the tooltip for the bag when hovering over it.
Fix for quest pets despawning when you mount.
Fixed an issue where unique NPC's could occasionally spawn more than 1 copy of themselves.
Changed the display string for critical hit item mods. It was previously called "Critical Hit Chance", "Critical Melee Hit Rating", "Critical Ranged Hit Rating", and "Critical Spell Hit Rating". This has been changed to "General Critical Hit Rating", "Melee Critical Hit Rating", "Spell Critical Hit Rating", and "Ranged Critical Hit Rating".
Increased server stability.
Fixed some additional client crashes.
The minimum length of a guild name is now 3 characters.
Fixed the issue with some boats not displaying in the Tanvu and some other areas.
Players in a group that are not the group leader can now suggest an invite to the group leader of another player by doing a standard invite on that player.
The friends list will now be updated when a friends level changes.
NPC's and PC's will no longer fade over distance. They will still fade in once.
The view distance of NPC's and PC's is now based off of your characters location and not the location of your camera. The max view distance has been increased slightly for both NPC's and PC's.
Fixed an issue where the min range on all range abilities was set to 0. They should now be what they were before the GU 6 update.
Friends in your friends list will now show as Anon if they are set to Anon.
Fixed some issues where certain abilities were ignoring the raid lockout checks.
The group leader's name will now only appear once in the master looter's drop down menu.
Targeted tombstones will now update their distance.
Corpse targeted abilities will now always use the targeted corpse or the closest corpse as intended.
Killing NPC's in a single hit will now give faction hits.
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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:42 pm

GENERAL October 8th.

Players can no longer right click off Kotasoth's dragon fear
Siliusaurus' debuff works correctly again
Fixed a bug regarding knights spawning incorrectly around Akande the Butcher
UI: The show container contents option should now have the proper tooltip
UI: Tooltips for items in a bag are now able to be toggled
UI: Fixed a UI crash
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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:10 am

Build 2190 Notes October / 23 / 2008

Shores of Darkness

The KDQ wants you. An elite group within the organization known as
Kamelott, Inc. has discovered an artifact believed to belong to an ancient
race. The organization is now recruiting all adventurers to assist them in
collecting information on the artifact and recover some property they lost
on the way.

The KDQ is offering all adventurers a spot within their ranks and this spot
comes with a full benefits package. So if you are brave enough, join the
KDQ at Kamelott’s Landing in the Shores of Darkness.

Help the KDQ investigate the strange artifact discovered on the forgotten
Become an agent of the KDQ rising up the ranks as you gain faction and
accomplish tasks unlocking new reward potential along the way.

A new camp where players can meet, group up, craft, browse the market,
or store items in their bank.
  • Repeat the quests daily gaining faction and more chances at rewards.
    Over 700 new equip-able items are available for those who help the KDQ.
    A variety of new expendable potions.
    A diplomacy slot item similar to the Isle of Dawn bracelet.
    A new never released mount.
    Some other rare and unique items.
    New recipes.

The introduction of new item mods.
  • Healing Effectiveness
    Healing Crit Chance
    Healing Crit Amount
    Flurry Resistance
    Rage Resistance

Another chapter in the story of the Xennumet.


Lost Canyon
Karax Woefather awaits any adventurers who want wish to challenge him.
Be wary when travelling in the Lost Canyon.

Ruin Falls
Another one of Torkald’s brothers, Varking the Accursed has risen up
challenging any who are brave enough to find him in Ruin Falls.

Zossyr Hakrel
The Jharru of Zossyr Hakrel need help stopping the force known as Guar the
Earthen Destroyer

Blighted Lands
Si'Imr-Li the Harbinger stands at the gate of the nexus guarding the door to
the ulvari homeland. Can you defeat him and find out more about this strange
threat to Telon?

Fengrot Reitemized
Fengrot’s loot table has been revamped. His old loot has been moved to a
bonus loot table split between him and Varking. A variety of all new items
have been added to a separate table. These new items should better match
the difficulty of the encounter.

The Core Processor will drop the dungeon specific loot like the Exalted (ores,
gems, molds, dusts, etc.), plus he has his own unique loot now.
Much to the dismay of the Thestran Watch, some happy haunts have
assembled a small party outside of New Targonor to celebrate the Festival of
the Grim Harvest, despite Sartok’s recent activities in Telon. Interested
parties should hurry, as there’s no telling how long they’ll be gathered.


Some NPCs will now be able to land critical hits. To maintain balance, this has
been restricted to new content and certain high-end encounters.
Fixed the riftway map, not displaying after clicking on the riftway.
Fixed a bug for when dead NPCs were not being removed from your
antigroup list.
Fixed a bug for when dead NPCs were sometimes not being put into a death
Changed messages for critical heals
Group leader will now see invited characters in group when the leader was
previously in a disbanded raid subgroup higher than 1


Kavos the Dyer, an exotic crafting goods merchant, has set up shop in New Targonor.
The crafter's rented horse should now properly grant the rented-mount effect
The quests to learn other crafting styles can now not be taken at the same time. This should prevent any issues with taking two quests at the same time, turning one in, and making one quest uncompletable until it is abandoned and re-taken.
Fixed the icon for the item, Batch of Stiff Axe Grips
Fixed the tool tip for item, Set of Cotton Cloth Dolls
Fixed the quest, Learning of Caia. You should now be able to accept the quest.
Fixed the level description for item, Plain Ratty Saddlebags
Fixed the 'Required Level' and 'Item Level' description on recipe, Stiff Leather Weapon Upgrade Recipe
Fixed the flagging on the item, Tall Sealed Vielthread Kojani Basket. Item was incorrectly flagged as 'Journeyman Artificer' instead of 'Journeyman Outfitter'
The outfitter recipe for the quest, "Artifact Lost" is now properly removed when the quest is finished


Fixed a bug with Afrit, Sand Runner
Fixed the proper buff to Parley, Foreign Interest
Fixed quest, Absolutely Painless. You should be able to accept it properly now
Fixed the quest, Deliveries for Haftan where you could sometimes get locked in parley
Fixed NPC Gray Knight Commander (he wasn't responding to your 'Hail' and was gating the quest)
Fixed the preconditions to the Diplomacy Web Quests
Fixed the icon on the item, Sinful Cocoa
The item "Card of the Eyelord" now displays the correct statistics
The item "Tanvu Poet Boots" should now show the correct graphic
Fixed the tooltip for the item, Card of Cost and Result. It should now contain the activated ability in the tooltip
Fixed the deconstruction state on the item, Phylactery of Mard Jeddah


Fixed the quest, By Night where it was not deleting the quest item upon abandoning the quest
Fixed a broken node on the quest, Tranquil Thought
Fixed a bug where you received improper flagging on the quest, Strength Defined. Should work properly now


Fixed a stacking issue with Brown Laigone Kojani Caravel Hull
Fixed the description on Exquisite Handwear of Ingenuity. It cannot be upgraded
Fixed the description on Exquisite Sandals of Ingenuity. It cannot be upgraded
Fixed the description on Exquisite Smock of Ingenuity. It cannot be upgraded
Fixed the description on Exquisite Smock of Reasoning. It cannot be upgraded
Fixed a stacking issue with Jade Green Stalwart Kojani Caravel Hull
Fixed a stacking issue with Kojani Caravel Helm
Fixed a stacking issue with Light Blue Laigone Kojani Caravel Hull
Fixed a stacking issue with Light Brown Brega Qalian Caravel Hull
Fixed a stacking issue with Practice Qalian Caravel Mast
Fixed a stacking issue with Practice Qalian Caravel Nyi Figurehead
Fixed a stacking issue with Qalian Caravel Mast
Fixed a stacking issue with Thestran Caravel Rudder
You should now be able to equip Kormstu's Jeweled Warhammer
Fixed the graphics on Masterwork Vagabond's Preserving Stone Hammer of Retribution (previously no appearance was visible)
Fixed the icon for Archmage Robe
Fixed the icon for Skinned Ulvari Robe
Fixed the icon for Talitis' Lost Robe
Fixed the icon for Xylian's Hand Wraps
Fixed the icon for Plagued Tunic

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Tue Oct 28, 2008 9:34 am

Build 2190 Notes October / 28 / 2008

Fixed an issue where KDQ bosses and reward items were dropping green items.
Crafting organization items reduced in rarity.
KDQ Mailbox added.
Fixed issue preventing crafting stations from showing on island.
Fixed an issue where the reward crates for the non boss daily quests were not showing.
The intent for all KDQ quests has been set to group as intended.
Furious damage has been increased slightly.
The Stone-Etched Mace should now have the proper required classes.
Fixed issue with The Violent Earth quest where clerics and shaman were unable to see quest rewards.
The drop rate for quest items on KDQ island has been increased a bit.
The Kamelott TASC Generator Certification ability and the TASC Generator 5000 item have had their descriptions updated.
Kamelott TASC Generator Certification ability has had its cast time increased to 10 seconds.
Crafting organization recipe typos fixed.
Fixed issue preventing plat coins from dropping from some high level bosses

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:48 pm

Vanguard Build 2195.3
Patch Notes November / 5 / 2008


Si'Imr-Li the Harbinger should now have an all caps name

Akande will now do his wrath at 35% health instead of 50

Fixed an issue with Dresla where she would get in a stuck state stopping
her from summoning adds, players, or attacking.

Dresla should now turn and face her enemies.

Dream Terminate, Glare of the Fallen Star & Raffen's Glamour will no longer
aggro the KDQ Autonimous Robots or the Attacking Death Hounds.

Master Cakesson will now give you one time rewards based on your rank.
This NPC can be found at Kamelott Landing in Grebthar's Hammer. Take
some time to talk to him.

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Vanguard Build 2225.3
Patch Notes November / 19 / 2008


Harvest day has arrived:
After years of intolerance the Halgrim family has decided to pack their bags
and move to Khal in search of more tolerant atmosphere. They planned on
throwing a feast for the people of Qalia when they arrived but things have
not exactly gone according to their plan. The Halgrim family is now in despe-
rate need of help to insure that their Harvest Day Feast can continue as
planned. Adventurers are asked to head to Khal and look for Brenda Halgrim
to assist her in with saving Harvest Day.

News of the Harvest Day Feast has reached the far corners Telon and not all
who hear about it are pleased. When news of a Feast centered around the
eating a bird Salrash vowed to put an end to the holiday before it has
started. Salrash and his allies are now poised around Khal ready to attack,
without the aid of adventurers the Halgrim family and their Harvest Day Feast
are doomed.


4 New Quests doable for players above level 10

New costumes for players who complete the Harvest Day quests or defeat
the allies of Salrash

A raid boss for players level 20, 30, 40, and 50

Throwing Pies

A Drumstick Weapon that can be duel wielded and upgraded!

Added the ability to ignore players who are on trial accounts. It's located
under Interface/General on the settings

Removed the ability to use IO's while feigned.

Added a toggle to disable PC Context menus. Located under interface/general.

Added a toggle for applying combat forms when you die & release. The new
command is /applyformondeath (on|off).

Fixed a bug where NPC hp displayed incorrectly for a second after a spell
modified their hp.

Forcetaunts now count spell hits as a hit.

Fixed the 2h weapon bonus. It has been modified and should now actually be
applied to the damage of a critical hit.

Fix for group heals critting when they shouldn't.

Illusions now persist when a player logs out or chunks

Quests that require you to fight a locked mob will now only update if you participated in the entire fight.

Fengrot’s Bonecrush should no longer be couterable.

All taunt abilities should now do damage.

Drape of the Coalition and Paladin shields should no longer be counterable.

Fixed issue with Karax Woefather’s encounter

All force target abilities now have a max seconds duration. They all retain their
normal number of attacks duration but will only stay on a target up to the
seconds defined on them.

When being resurrected/revived at level 50 you will now receive resurrection
sickness. This sickness will grow if you die while the effect is still on you.

Essence Healers will heal your rez/revive sickness and can be found in the
following chunks:

    Ruins Falls
    Shores of Darkness

Fixed issue with Varking where he would not spawn his adds properly or cast
his spells making the encounter trivial after a certain point.

Halloween events have been turned off.

Quickening Jolt’s added ability will now add the 5 minute immunity instead of
the buff cast.

Fixed an issue with Guar that stopped him from pathing properly.

Halfling racial Shroud of the Vael has been turned off until next update.

The stats on the Harbinger’s Strap have been adjusted to be more inline with
the reward’s tier.


1. Added keybindings for pet commands.

2. Moved cancel summon for the persistent pet command window from the
unintuitive location in the middle to the more logical location on the end.

3. Both charmed and persistent pets now show ability information in a manner
similar to other abilities on the client, however the pet abilities show recovery
time instead of level.

4. Pet abilities no longer flash when clicked.

5. Pet abilities to the right of the first slot now appear on the cursor when
dragged, rather than frozen in the top left corner of the screen.

6. Pet abilities can now be toggled on and off repeatedly without becoming
bugged, also left-clicking on an ability does not make it appear toggled on.

7. Multiple pet abilities can be toggled on at once.

8. Charmed pets now show refresh times. Also, charmed pets have all of their
abilities default to toggled on. Additionally, if an npc is charmed twice in a
row, it will retain the player's toggled on settings for it from the previous charm when it is charmed again.

9. Pet abilities with cast times have a blue bar similar to the reaction bar
appear over them when used that counts down the cast time.

10. Recovery times now work for pets--essentially a global recovery timer for
NPC's. Auto attacks have a recovery time of 0 for pets, meaning they should
have no effect on the pets ability to use other abilities, but all of the pet's
visible abilities use their displayed recovery times.

11. Hotkeyed pet abilities now continute to work after a pet dies/is
unsummoned and is then resummoned. Also, hotkeyed pet abilities will gray
out when the pet is dead/unsummoned.

12. NPC abilities that restore energy or endurance now activate based upon
the proper field rather than basing their use on the target's health as before
(one of the necro minions had this issue).

13. Healing pets will now heal other pets as well. Essentially they have a
hierarchy in determining who gets healed: owner, group's pcs, raid's pcs, owner's pets, group's pets, raid's pets.

14. Changed the percentage at which heals can potentially take place from
60% to 95%.

15. Changed the NPC check for determining allies (for beneficial abilities) from
the NPC's aggro radius to 30 meters. This fixes issues with some pets, such as
Abominations, refusing to auto use beneficial abilities.

16. Fixed an accuracy issue with refresh timers that affected both abilities and
items on the client.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:14 pm

Vanguard Build 2225.15 Patch Notes November / 25 / 2008


Guar has been repathed
All halloween costumes have been turned back on.
Garsu Horn can now only be used in a specific location.
Garsu is now summoned as a golden encounter
General - In combat rez spells have had their refresh reduced by 8 minutes
General - You should no longer be doubly punished for being resurrected after revive sickness has worn off.
Si'Imr-Li the Harbinger will now reawaken Varaduuk the Gatekeeper and go back through the gate after some time of inactivity.
General - Overland raid mobs respawns have been adjusted they will now give a 6 day lockout timer and respawn within 1.5 days from death.
Made Simona Says Quest Repeatable
Fixed some issues with Varking encounter
Crash Fixes for APW
Spell identification should now work properly.
Necromancer Minions will no longer try to heal energy on monks.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Wed Dec 10, 2008 7:02 pm

Vanguard Build 2225.20 Patch Notes December / 10 / 2008


- Fixed an performance issue that was hitting players with low system ram
- Fixed an issue with NPC aggro.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:47 pm

Vanguard Build 2265. 0 Patch Notes December / 16 / 2008

New Race Class combos

Some races have received new class combos.

Halfling Paladin – The humans of Tursh have helped train the Halflings in the ways of the Paladin.
Dwarf Ranger – A human scout contingent was summoned by the king to train their soldiers in the techniques of the Ranger in preparation of an impending threat.
Vulmane Monk – Ancient spirits of the land have shared the knowledge of the use of Jin and the technique of utilizing it with their descendants.

Raki Bard – As the Raki have become more attuned to the world of Telon, they have developed a way of incorporating their musical abilities in combat.
Goblin Dreadknight – Due to the impending war with Gulgrethor and the latest threat of the Ulvari, the Orcs have started to train young goblins in the way of dread.
Goblin Ranger – As Martok seeks to explore or advance their power, the goblins have become the front line for scouting and have increased their knowledge of survival techniques.
Orc Rogue – In exchange for the knowledge the Orcs have shared, the Goblins have trained the Orcs of espionage and assassination.

Dark Elf Ranger – In an attempt to further spread their influence, the Dark Elves have taken on the mantle of learning the ways of desert survival and scouting.
Kurashasa Bloodmage – Further developing the inherent relationship between the symbiote and the host has awakened their innate mastery of symbiotic behavior.
Kurashasa Monk – After mastering the ways of the disciple some Kurashasans have honed their ability to use the ways of Jin in more offensive ways.
Mordebi Necromancer – The Mordebi have unlocked the ancient power of their ancestors through research and experimentation of the undead.

Bridge of Destiny

The Jharru have been trying to keep this place protected in order to prevent people from thwarting thier efforts to summon Garuzamut the world eater. They have recently summoned some elemental constructs to act as wardens for the area. Do you have what it takes to defeat these elementals and find out what is happening on Garuzamut island?

· 6 man content with some 12 man encounters.
· Collect the pieces to build two might weapons as you progress.

Garuzamut Island

The bridge of destiny is just a taste of what awaits. The Jharuu’s most powerful constructs have been seen roaming around this area. They are there to serve as a warning to those who would try to mess with powers they cannot control.

· 24 man raid content.
· Make the final additions to the mighty weapons built on the bridge of destiny.


The waters of Telon are filled with a bounty of wonderful fish just waiting to be caught. Cast your line and see what happens. But be warned there are more then fish that swim in these waters and if you die alone there will be no one to tell your tale.

· Participate in a unique fishing system that is both interactive and casual.

· Purchase bait and fishing poles while tracking what fish you have caught and what they like/dislike.

· Go see Tien Hou in Tanvu, Nafis Karam in Qa Riverbank, or Wilhelm Runge in Three Rivers to learn how to fish up some grub.


Sometimes you like to fly, sometimes you like to rift, and sometimes you just want to get on a gigantic boat, sail out to middle of nowhere and cast a line off the side. Well for those of you who like to do that Galleons are coming.

· Download the schematics for the three galleons.

· Build your mighty ship and sail away on a lovely cruise. (Warning none of these boats comes with an Isaac or Gopher)

· Professor Telpon can help those willing get the schematics for these grand ships.


Is your armor losing its shine? Your sword just not as powerful as you wanted it to be? Fear not adventurer because there are a new set of items that can be augmented and made more powerful by adding enchantments to them.

· Some items from KDQ island, Garuzamut, Bridge of Destiny, APW, and factional armor now have enhancement sockets on them. Crafted items will see a slot pass in the future.

· Enhancements come in various different types and offer many different stat mods.

Arena of Games

Pinklet Lefever in Tehatamani coast is waiting for those who want to enter the arena and compete for great prizes.

A grand coliseum has appeared over Tehatamani coast and only those wanting to prove their worth need apply. The members of Kamelott Inc. and a new group of goblins known as the Finch’s Finks have opened up shop and are offering various prizes for those who compete.

· A FFA PVP arena on all servers.

· Gain infamy, challenge the arena combatant, and gain the keys to the chest all while watching your back and keeping other players from killing you before you can kill it.

· Trade in infamy for chests and unlock them for various prizes including socketed items and enchantments you can only get in the arena.

Gloriann Festival Returns

Towns and cities alike within the world of Telon are heartily preparing for the Festival of Gloriann! Once a year during the wintery months, the tale of Atnas Claws and his spirit of giving imbue the cities with an aura of goodness. Towering trees adorned with lights can be seen glittering within the cities of Telon.

Be on the look out for an abundance of gifts and goodies! Those who have been extra nice may find their treats granting them something extra special!

Take a tour over the rooftops of Telon while riding on Randolph, the flying reindeer.

You too, can help spread the spirit of Gloriann by decorating your own house or Guild Hall with numerous festive items, from neatly wrapped gifts to smiley faced snowman. We're not giving it all away, of course. Sometimes the best gift you can give is one of surprise! So make sure to log in, gather your gifts and continue to spread the spirit of Gloriann throughout Telon!

Festival of Gloriann features:

Special flying “Randolph” reindeer mount
3 new raid encounters for all levels starting at 20
Expendable presents for everyone
Festive decorations
Special illusion costumes

Karax Woefather

Union negotiations with Karax have finally come to a compromise. He will work if we will stop killing him. Hopefully he will hold true to his word but he did have one hand behind his back when we shook hands.

Fix to Some Overland Raid mobs

All overland raid mobs that use flurry and or rage should now be using the proper flurry/rage.





Factional Merchants

The City Creature Handlers decided to do less talking and cut to the chase. They will now have merchant windows that will list the mounts that are available and their city platinum costs.

The city accessory dealers will now sell potions for platinum coins.

Fixed an issue with King Mnal’s stipe not dropping properly

Harbinger should now think before he despawns.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Fri Dec 19, 2008 2:56 am

Vanguard Build 2266. 0 Patch Notes December / 18 / 2008

Added healer to PVP arena

You will now port into the arena with a invuln buff and in a random location.

Made adjustments to BOD roamers and respawn times

Fixed issue with Psi all buff

Fixed issue with Disciple Endowment of Life

Fixed issue with agro on Island of Garuzamut

Walkliki Nogswort should now offer item repair

All missive quests give exp again

Experience potions and pies are now working at level 49+ again.

The PvP Exit portal should no longer disappear after you trigger it

Fixed issue with bloodhowlers casting pantheon ability

Removed the levitate portion of the Shaman all in one buff

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:26 pm

Vanguard Build 2299. 0 Patch Notes February / 4 / 2009

The winter solstice has come and passed. The inhabitants of Telon are welcoming the return of the sun and longer days. In the wake of Gloriann’s Festival, strange things are happening in New Targonor. First came the horrific nightmares. Then children began going missing. Despite the best efforts of the Thestran Watch and the Sages Arcane to find any evidence, little to no light has been shed on either occurrence. Though warmer days are ahead for Telon, how dark will they be?

Those curious about the recent events should seek out Edric Nichols amongst New Targonor’s courtyards and perhaps have a look for themselves.

3 New quests from strange beings belonging to the ‘Winter Court’.

− Help the Winter Court acquire Dreams, Reflections, and Memories from the lands and waters of Telon.
− Rewards include a unique enhancement item, a new fishing pole, and a new pet – Snuggles, the winter wolf.
− Wakliki Nogswort and Finch’s Finks have a limited time offer as well. Those wanting to do battle in the Arena will want to check out his latest deal.
− For long standing veterans, a new /claim item – “The Visionary’s Signet of Promise” – how will you choose to build your future?


− All NPCs on SOD should now give a small faction bonus when killed.
− All SOD non boss NPCs hit points have been reduced significantly.
− A set of global rares have been added to the entire island. These are new legendary items that can drop of any NPC in the area.
− Fixed display on rucksack that said it was a drop from tier 2 bags when it is in fact a recipe drop from tier 4 bags.


− Changed Guar's display model to hopefully resolve some of the lag issues.
− Queen Vixx's hit points have been fixed.
− The waters around the towers of BOD are now shark infested. Beware those who like to skinny dipping.
− The rare elementals in BOD are much more available now and always drop loot. They also have a chance to drop weapon parts.
− Fixed an issue where some mobs were casting Pantheon abilities.
− Guar’s loot table now drops a paladin range slot item.
− IOG Raid encounters can now drop a paladin range slot item.
− The apprentices in BOD have a new stones on them. These stones are used for summoning a new raid boss that will be coming soon and aimed at APW capable guilds. The raid target is NOT live with this patch, but you can start gathering the stones to summon him now.

Appearance Slots

− New appearance slots can now be accessed from the character screen. These slots allow you to display the look of a different item while retaining the mods of your gear.
− All non stat clothing that was on merchants has been converted to adventuring slots for use with appearance slots.
− General goods vendors now sell some basic equipment that has no visual display for that slot. This allows you to turn off the visual of certain slots by placing that item in an appearance slot.

General Appearance Bugs Fixed

− Previewing an item with an attachment when the equipped item for that slot did not have an attachment caused the preview item to remain on the character's appearance. It now correctly disappears.
− Previewing a bow when there is no bow equipped, but an item equipped that covered the players back, previously did not show the bow on the character, it now does.
− Mousing over an item that cannot be equipped will no longer show an item compare with a previously equipped item that is now unequipped. Items that cannot be equipped will now never incorrectly compare with other items.
− Mousing over a two-handed sword will show a comparison against both the primary and secondary weapons, rather than simply the primary one. Also, the first compare window will always be filled before the second ever is. Previously the second window would sometimes pop up without the first (if a one-handed weapon was moused over, and the primary-hand slot was empty, but the secondary-hand slot was full).
− Various bugs fixed that caused items to visually disappear off of your character until you relogged.


− Fixed a bug where the stats from enchantments would not show up on your character sheet after you chunked.
− Fixed a bug where enchantments would disappear off of the items they were attached to.
− Bonus AC enchantments should now display their mods correctly

Abilities / Classes

− Bloodmage blood pact will nolonger work with focus or siphon blood. It does not pact when the damage is done by the player losing life. Any ability cast by a player on themself causing their hp to go down should nolonger work with bloodpact.

− Soaring leap and xennu boots no longer work when in water
− Paladins can now equip short bows
− Fix for ability learning/research. You should be able to learn these abilities now without issue.
− Ability refresh no-longer appears to tick down on the client while you are dead. They were not ticking on the server previously, and this was causing the client/server to be out of sync for those abilities.
− The dot portion of cleave now stacks.
− The damage of cleave has been tuned down.
− Cleave no longer modifies the incoming critical chance for everyone for 3 seconds it now increases the warriors ability to crit for 10 seconds


− All flying mounts should be using a standard cast time of 6 seconds. This does not affect special case mounts like the griffon used in the Sano event
− Fixed an issue with npcs who had a leash range was set greater than 200. This will fix an issue with Summoner Physik.
− HP, Energy, and Endurance now update much more often on the client. Previously the players own HP, Energy, and Endurance would update every 1 second, the player’s group would update every .5 seconds, the player’s pet would update every .2 seconds, and the player’s defensive target every .5 seconds. All of these now update every tick (one tenth of a second).”
− Changed the way NPCs handle their spells being countered. Previously they would re-cast the spell after 6 seconds. Now they will wait for the full refresh of that spell before casting it again.
− Energized Hammer proc is back in and working properly.
− _defensive_target_ no longer shows on the menu obtained by right-clicking on the defensive target .
− Heal Effectiveness is fixed and no-longer doing 100x what it said it was.
− Fix for animation related crashes.
− Fix for large memory leak.
− Various region server crash fixes.
− Fixed the social server crash.
− Fix for players getting infamy/loot from fights like shylosia, physik, etc.
− Fix to defensive target getting bugged out when a player dies. It now is correctly cleared.
− Fix for some DoT tooltips.
− Fix to bards being able to damage people they shouldn’t be able to.
− Fix to display and updating issues with infamy.
− IO Interaction is now canceled when an NPC or Player tries to attack you.

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Vanguard Build 2315.0 February / 12 / 2009

Valentine’s Celebration
Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and if you forgot to get something special for your someone special, fear not! To celebrate the holiday of love, Vanguard will be decorating the major cities within Telon complete with gift wrapped packages that contain an abundance of fun Valentine's Day goodies.
Travel to Tanvu, New Targonor or Ahgram and find many gifts to open. Inside, you'll discover items you can use to set the mood in your home or Guild Hall. Stuffed heart-shaped pillows or wall adornments, a variety of flowers – long stemmed or in a vase, chocolates and gifts galore!

Murderous Cleave now does 1500 unmitigated damage every 3 seconds.
Cleave II now does 1000 unmitigated damage every 3 seconds.
Cleave now does 500 unmitigated damage every 3 seconds.
Cleave’s description should now be in English.
New warrior ability called Murderous Cleave now drops from mobiles in KDQ.
Cleave should now add hate instantly and over time.
Savage cut should now generate more hate over time.
Warrior defensive stance should now have a 30% hate mod.
Warrior offensive form should be fixed
Savage Cut VI now lasts for 60 seconds.
Raising Defenses now runes for 10% against all damage types except flurry and rampage.
Raising Defenses now lasts for 10 seconds
Bastion of Steel now has a 3 minute refresh
Hold the Line will now give a 10% Rage/Flurry mitigation buff.
Hold the Line should now increase block chance by 3%.

Sorcerer Icy Focus form should actually work now
It will now grant 5% mana cost reduction and reduce global recovery by 5%.
The free spell portion of the form is now static until you cast a spell or leave the form.
Sorcerer Fiery Intensity form 100% crit is now static and until a spell is cast or you change forms.

Dreadknight Shield of Fear and Dark Bastion should no longer fluctuate mitigation values every 4 seconds

Change to make hit point mods on items function the same way as other mods on item popups with regards to attachments.
Fix for hooking a fish causing region server lag.
Golden encounters now lock to your character even if you chunk, die, relog, etc.
Fix for attachments disappearing after trading.
Fix for range attack rating showing up as 0.
Fix for effects pulsing when they are not supposed to (i.e. out of combat) Raffens, Star Ring, etc.
Fix for various abilities that were doing less damage than intended. (ex. Pommel Smash )
Fix to some DoTs healing rather than harming mobs.
Fix for spawn issue with unique entities.
Fix for code that happens when you miss your target. It should now agro properly on a miss.
Fix to issues with attached abilities staying up on the client (often stuck at 1 second) when they've been deleted on the server

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:23 pm

Patchnotes, March 19th 2009


* The new raid encounter on the Bridge of Destiny is enabled.
* Fixed the rock elemental weapon piece drop in BoD. It was dropping the electric piece previously.
* Banisher Quests have been fixed.
* KDQ final event is now available.


* Pets should now be able to attack golden encounters properly.
* You will no longer get dismounted if you enter combat and have a pulsing beneficial ability on you.
* Fix for some procs not doing the intended damage. Jharuu Incineration is a good example of this, was doing 50 instead of 1500 damage.
* All URT quests can now be shared if the person you are trying to share with meets the quest preconditions.
* All Wyverns have had their racial attributes, stats, & abilities revamped. NOTE: This does not affect Dresla.


* All URT quests can now be shared if the person you are trying to share with meets the quest preconditions.
* Replenishing Supplies: Additional small mushrooms have been added to the kaon phase stone areas.
* Replenishing Supplies: The small mushrooms now respawn faster.
* Well, That Didn't Work: The redcap brownies now respawn faster.
* We Must Rebuild: Additional large mushrooms have been added to the large kaon grove area.
* We Must Rebuild: The large mushrooms now respawn faster.
* We Must Rebuild: The required amount of mushrooms has been reduced to 20 from 25.
* Long Term Effects- The mutated flesh samples will drop much more often than before.
* Beetles of Mass Destruction- The burster beetles will now respawn faster.
* Beetles of Mass Destruction- The chances for an unstable burster beetle to spawn versus a normal burster beetle has been increased.
* Fulfilling Their Needs- The pristine stones will drop much more often than before.
* The Leak That Became a Puddle- The chances for a Rekk Hobgoblin Witness to spawn has been increased.
* Harvesting the Parts- All body parts will drop much more often than before.
* Harvesting the Parts- Some of the required amount of items has been adjusted.
* Soul and Brain Power- An additional quest objective to kill the Veshka followers has been added. NOTE: You will need to abandon and re-take this quest.
* Soul and Brain Power- The brain and torso will drop much more often than before.
* Item Retrieval- The URT Soul Render will drop faster now.
* Cleansing the Crazed- Threntin Albeross will now give you another URT Soul Render if you lost it.
* Cleansing the Crazed- The amount of farmers to be saved was changed to 15 from 10.
* Controlling the Situation- The amount of Zarian Netherbeast Dust has been reduced to 20 from 25.
* To The Mill- The Dazed Farmers will follow you a little faster than before.
* To The Mill- Threntin Albeross will now give you another Zarian Dust Pouch if you lost it.
* To The Mill - Fixed an issue with not being able to loot the meat.
* Investigating the Scene- Fixed an issue with not being able to click the Piles of Rubble.
* URT Hero Mission: The Undead Answer- Added a 2-handed slash, claw & and shield to the list of rewards.
* URT Hero Mission: The Undead Answer- Clicking one reward then clicking another will no longer cause a CTD.
* URT Hero Mission: Feeding Frenzy - Pets are now able to aid their masters in this fight.
* The Weak Attack is now functioning properly again.
* Soldier Rescue will now properly update on the second part of the quest.


* A few items that were marked level 55 have had their levels adjusted to the proper level.
* Strife's Buster Sword
* Dark Sword of Energy
* Fiery Jharuu Sword of Rage
* Frozen Summoners Dagger
* Runed Ancient Jharuu Staff
* Runed Ancient Jharuu Sword
* Many weapon types have had their damage ranges adjusted to be the same as longswords. This means their damage range is smaller resulting in a higher low end damage but a reduced high end damage. The weapon types affected are:
o GreatAxe
o GreatMaul
o Mace
o Club
o Hammer
o Maul
o Rod
o MartialStaff
o BladedStaff
o Staff
o Arbalest
o GreatSpear
o SpearAndJavelin
o Polearm
o Lance
o Axe
* Fixed an issue causing stone cleave to get double its intended weapon damage bonus.
* Mara’s Kiss has had its stats boosted to better reflect the effort required to get it.
* Attonment of Vol Anari has had its stats boosted slightly
* Frozen Summoners Dagger & Dark Sword of Energy had their stats slightly adjusted.
* Crystals from the IoG Summoners now use their own sealers & solvents. They can be purchased from Jenobi. You can use the new solvent to remove the crystals without destroying them, allowing you to swap them in/out at will for a price.
* The melee crystals from the IoG summoners will no longer restrict the sword to primary hand only.
* Fixed the proc issue with Frozen Great Hammer. The proc will now work properly.
* Fixed the damage on the Core Imbued Hammer proc.
* Fixed the damage on the Fine Shaped Core Band proc.
* Fixed the damage on the Hopton's Mechanical Ingot proc.
* Full Tenby Cage: The Tenby will no longer despawn on it's own after 2 minutes. Hurray for the Glitteracticacookie!
* Fixed the proc on Infused Coronarian Gloves.
* Fixed the proc issue with Noxious Blade. The proc will now work properly.


* Aum Liat should now properly give its run speed bonus
* Aum Liat run speed will now work in and out of combat
* Mutilate is no longer an ignore mitigation ability
* Mutilate now gives more DC counters
* Waning Palm now has a 60 second refresh

Known Issues

There is a bug with the APW item sets. If you have more than 7 of the items in the set equipped, the effects will not take place when you log in. To resolve this, un-equip 2-3 of the items, then re-equip them and your buffs will be applied. This will be resolved in a patch early next week.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:38 pm

Game Update - Wednesday March 25th, 2009

* Grebthar the Hammer and Wick Rinter should now work properly
* Issue with some strike abilities going through block should be resolved
* Should no longer get caught in a stun loop when aggroing Aspect of Garuzamut

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:31 pm

Vanguard Build 2386. 0 Patch Notes April / 1 / 2009


Added live gamer button to the "Your Market Items" tab of the Market window.
Temporary learned abilities now start with their refresh time counting down and are not instantly available.
Fix to bug where instrument mods in appearance slots were used.
You can no longer cancel Quickening Symbiote
Fixed issue with citizen faction.
Yiminil should not longer look like he is impersonating The Flash

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Tue May 19, 2009 12:33 pm

Vanguard Build 2427. 0 Patch Notes May / 19 / 2009

Halls of the Pantheon

The Halls of Pantheon is finally here. The first part of the great architect Artera's story has finally been released and now is your chance to prove to the gods of Telon you are worthy of their blessings. Within the halls you will be asked to do many things as you increase your favor with the gods until finally correcting the imbalance of creation and unlocking the path that leads into the halls of shattered souls and the truth behind the gods of Telon and their years of silence. It is up to you adventurers, crafters, and diplomats to unlock the secrets within the halls and prove once again that the inhabitants of Telon are a force to be reckoned with.

Feature Details:

200 new quests
1000+ new items
2 new flying mounts
Choose your alignment and reap the rewards
Find out the truth behind the schemes of Kamelott
Become a god warrior and unlock the way to the Halls of Shattered Souls
Craft enhancements making them more powerful
Craft god armor
Craft a unique epic weapon for each class
New item mods
New resistances
Level Increase

New level cap is 55
95 new abilities
Spell crafting added
Item levels increased
New crafting related quest series

Bow max ranges have been reduced.
Fixed an issue where the Kamelott Rucksack had slots when it was not supposed too.
Fixed haste buff on panther mask to increase attack speed and not decrease it.
KDQ crates can now only be opened in Kamelott's landing
Fixed an issue with fireseed refresh discrepancy


All counterattacks now have a minimum endurance/mana cost.
Stroke of Fervor now has an endurance cost
Stroke of Conviction now has an endurance cost
All rogue abilities requiring piercing now properly check for the dagger in the main hand.
Accuracy buffs should now properly buff spell accuracy
Fixed an issue where some abilities that were supposed to only modify the refresh haste of modular attacks were affecting other modular abilities
Fixed the Halfling racial (FINALLY!!!)
Fixed an issue that prevented minions from assisting properly as intended.
Dementia now has a max target limit
Hewing the Mountain now buffs your group for 10 seconds or 1 attack
The Dark elf racial has been modified.
Warrior offensive form should once again have its accuracy bonus
Fixed an issue where abilities affected by zeal would not display added attack damage.
Time Trick 2 should now work like 1 and 3
Fixed an issue with quelling winds it should actually work now.
Treeshape will now wipe hate while it is in effect.
Many secret chains should now display their icons again.
The body enhancement buffs from KDQ should no longer wear off


All corpses now last 2 hours max
Paladins should now have archery skill
A camp of KDQ agents has popped up near the Bridge of Destiny.
All npcs in KDQ should now drop tier 6 skins
Tier 6 metal can now be harvested in SOD
Mobile Power suit should work correctly now
Fixed an issue with caps that has been around for the past few years. Many items and ability caps should now work properly.
Updated the character sheet to show new resist types.
Added new hairstyles for most races.
Thinned out the density of the bridge NPCs just a little.
Fix for escrow items having incorrect prices show up
All exp debt has been wiped.
All exp into 50 has been reset to 0.
All brotherhood exp has been reset.
All tombstones have been sent to escrow.
Adjusted the loot tables of Yerkj & Rinipin. They will now only drop 1 class specific item per kill.
The Ruined Jharuu Sword and Runed Jharuu Sword are now longswords.
Synchronize now works with the Summoners Cap of Control version of Time Trick.
An altar has been added to IOG
Zyxil and omac have had their pathing adjusted
Yiminil no longer roams.


KDQ quest rewards have had their monetary amount reduced.
Fix for quests not abandoning properly sometimes when expired


Karax is now level 59
Karax loot tables have been overhauled due to his level increase.


Kaius Rufish and his excavation team have work for skilled crafters in the Pantheon.
Shajin Graywine is doing research in the Pantheon and is requesting help from talented diplomats.
Geoffery Wallsten in New Targonor has a new rumor about an artisan’s treasure from long ago. Interested crafters should seek him out.
An informant in the Pantheon named Delroz is willing to trade prestige for lore in the Pantheon to diplomats.
Skilled diplomats can parley the avatars of the gods in the Pantheon.

Known issues

The last hair selection for those races that received new hairstyle has an issue. Please try not to select this or you may see some funkiness with your avatar’s hair.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Fri May 22, 2009 8:01 pm

Game Update - Friday May 22nd, 2009

# Min Range of bows and crossbows removed
# Max range of thrown reduced to 15m
# 100% crits working correctly
# /anon stops people from being able to inspect you
# Harvesting gear should equip properly now

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:13 pm

patch 2nd June

Shimmering Shallows and a remote island in the sea of Kojan now have some 2 dot npc population. These npcs can all drop spell components, enhancements, and other rare items.

Many NPCs that were 5 and 6 dots have had their dot values reduced to equal the challenge they represented. The intent of these dot values were for group and unfortunately some NPCs with this label are acting more like 3 and 2 dots. Instead of increasing the difficulty of these mobs we have decided to put them at the dot value they seem to reflect the most. This means areas like Rahz Inkur and Tehatamani are now primarily 4 dots areas.

For those wondering why this was done it is because 5 and 6 dots represent a significant level of power for NPCs, at least it was supposed to. Unfortunately this is not the case for many of our old world mobs. The intent of a 6 dot mob was not that a player can solo 4 of them never losing more then 10% of their health with no external healing especially when the mobs is 2 levels above them. 5/6 dot mobs are meant to be group and they give XP based on the fact that they are supposed to be killed this way. Now obviously we could go back and make these NPCs harder but that would prevent players from being able to complete the content and the rewards from it would not come close to the challenge. So we decided to make the content easier by making their dot value more appropriate for their challenge.

Resolved a rather significant XP exploit. No this is not related to brotherhood farming or mass AEing for those who were wondering.

Fixed a scaling issue with XP post 50, now the xp given form various NPCs that are 50 and below should scale properly based on con color. This means as the challenge gets easier the XP received becomes less. On the flip side killing NPCs that are higher level then you will grant you bonus XP.

Level 51+ can once again gain xp from a larger range of NPCs

You should now be able to group with people who are lower then level 51 without worrying about gaining no experience as long as the mob you are killing is high enough level to give xp to the 51.

Dread Knight scythe of doom now has a max target value of 6

Fixed issue with fists of transcendence not firing

Fixed issue with the boundless fist line not doing proper damage

Fixed issue with enlightenment being cleared when you cast an Aum

Fixed issue with enlightenment not giving its bonuses in combat

Fixed issue with various abilities damage types not being classified correctly.

Ignore pain is now a 2 minute refresh

Divine Typhoon should now receive benefits from errant strikes and fists of celerity

Bard regens should be working again (We are looking into an issue with stacking and instrument mods still)

You should no longer be teleported to NT when you enter the no boat area around KDQ

Cirel's Rhythm of Renewal and Cirel's Anthem of Clarity will now increase both health and mana regen

Increased damage on warbows.

Re-enabled the /togglewindow command

The BOD Staff weapon quest is available for Dreadknights now along with the sword one.

“Simple Pleasures” civic parlay in khal now works properly.

Fixed an issue in Pantheon where you would always be at max run speed. This means you will now need to use your runspeed buffs in there again, and you can be snared by npcs that were trying to snare before.

Sacrificial Beast should have the proper hitpoints now

Right click harvest abilities should work again

Reduced the evasion mod for NPC 54+

Fixed issue on BOD and FPN where the NPC were not getting their proper evasion bonuses.

Pantheon Angels should be using their proper animations now

Haelifur’s trial should reset properly now.

Finch’s trial should work a little better now.

Fixed several discrepancies with spell sigil levels and costs

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Patch Notes and Game Updates
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