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 Patch Notes and Game Updates

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:32 pm

Patch Notes - 6-5-2009 (5am PST)

This patch should resolve some server crashes.

It also has a fix for group experience not scaling properly. After this patch it will scale like solo exp does. Blue/Green mobs post 50 will give less exp and red/yellow will give bonus exp. As stated in the prior patch notes, this only affects players above level 50. The scaling down also is only for NPCS who are below level 51. So if you're level 50 or lower, or the NPC is level 51 or higher, there is no down scaling, only up scaling for the red/yellow cons.

The other change comming this patch is the diplomacy deck saving/loading/clearing. The new commands are /deckload /decksave and /deckclear. You can use them like this:

/decksave 1 - Will save your current deck to slot #1. You have 10 slots to save to.

/deckload 1 - Will load deck #1 to your current strategy.

/deckclear - Will clear out your current deck.

Also Soresha has updated her diplomacy mod to include these commands.

Enjoy the patch guys! SMILEY And say thanks to our QA team for comming in early so many times this week!

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:22 pm

patch notes, 19th June

KDQ Cog Band

The KDQ band has changed slightly. Now the first cog you receive after reaching the rank of Private will have the same effect that the crystal cog band use to, except it offers 4% xp bonus that includes quest XP. The max faction band has an upgraded effect attached to it that should offer more in the way of stats applied and retains its enhancement slots where as the first cog has none. This goes along with the other benefit of the KDQ bands over the IOD charm which is that these abilities will stack with anything where as the IOD charm does not.

Class Abilities

Fixed the sorcerer stance bug where they would not automatically re-apply after death.
Fiery Intensity, Amplify Destruction, and Amplify Acuity should no-longer be removed when you cast an ability that does not do damage.

Hold The Line should now give endurance and energy cost reductions.

Shield of Fear should now give its max block bonus regardless of DC.

Dark Bastion should now give its max AC bonus regardless of DC.

Dark Bastion should now give 15% damage bonus.

Symbol of Wrath should now give its max bonus regardless of DC.

Provoke should now give its max benefit regardless of DC.

Shaman forms should now fire the illusion as a separate ability that you can cancel without losing the benefits.

Warder’s Bulwark should work correctly now.

Ranger dual arrow issues should be resolved.

Warrior ability “Obliteration” should be working now.

Fixed issue with Dementia that was preventing it from critting.

Fire pummel should no longer agro when building up.

Fixed ability modify type displays on several abilities

Thestran Human racial should work properly.

Added new filters to the chat window for NPC hits others, misses others, NPC buffs, & npc buffs fail.

Harvesting nodes in SOD should follow the same rules as other nodes of their type now.

Pantheon tier 1 BPs should now display properly for those who choose their sides from today on. Anyone who has already chosen their side and cannot see the BP for sell should contact a GM for assistance.

Fixed an issue with Valus 2nd tier trial spawning the encounters on the wrong side.

Turned off the Xerklins that spawned in the hallway leading to the second floor of Pantheon.

Pantheon deity parlays that give faction should now reset properly every 24 hours.

Fixed an issue where enchantments in items that went to escrow would disappear.

Enhancement loot tables have been modified so the chance to drop enhancements of different types is more evened out.

Ini-Heart should now sell thickened solvents. These solvents allow you to remove enhancements without destroying them.


Fixed a mountain of typos.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Fri Jul 17, 2009 7:21 pm

Patchnotes: July / 14 / 2009

Modified the exp curve past 50
Modified the respawn time on Pantheon population
2 dots have been unlocked
Troll Coast mobs have been unlocked
Forgotten peninsula mobs have been unlocked
BOD mobs are no longer locked encounters
Removed the knockback from Kreshnikara
APW is now a 24 man dungeon (the difficulty has not been changed)
Fengrot, Jagund, Nerksawl, and Soleq are all now 24 man encounters (their difficulty has not been altered)
No fly zones have been removed
Murderous cleave and other warrior dropped books from SOD are now tradeable
Nerksawl’s spawn rate has been increased
Guar should now drop his class only armor on a separate loot table
Pantheon armor recipes have had their mat amounts reduced to 1
Fan faire attendees should now be able to claim their prize
Faction Pegasus has been reduced in price by 100 coins
Added an advanced logging command to help out people with log parsers that support it (/toggleadvancedlogging)
Added new pet filters to the chat windows.
Fix for players falling when chunking on flying mounts.
Fixed Regen on bard songs.
Fixed a bug that allowed you to shoot hammers, shurikens, etc from your bow.
Increased the base inventory size from 20 to 50.
When items are enchanted, they will now automatically become NODROP if they were not already Nodrop or soulbound.
Fixed an issue where NPCs would face east if they were unable to move and lost aggro.
Fixed issue with hostage negotiations
Added enhancements as a broker filter under adventuring.
Added a message to the combat text window when you get a strikethrough hit. It will now show after the hit [strikethrough].
Increased the minimum range on bows back to 5m.
Fix for coin cost not showing up on merchant items that also had an itemcost associated with them.
Added seconds to the timestamp of chat windows
Armor coin costs have been reduced
Drop rate of echoes increased
Level 50s can now group with 55s
Added some tier 6 specific plant nodes to KDQ area
Increased stack sizes for souls
Increased stack sizes for slivers
All enhancements are now tradeable
A new veteran reward should be available for those who have returned and those who have been around for awhile.

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PostSubject: Updates 5th August   Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:56 pm

Patchnotes: August / 5 / 2009

Lair of the Vi'Rak

During the shattering, the high elven mage Balaran attempted to summon forth the salamanders to aid in the defense of the Temple of Vol Tuniel. While the summoning was a success, things went horribly wrong and Balarans plan backfired. The salamander Vi’Rak clan was pulled through the portal against their will. Through anger they have slain Balaran and those with him.

Now they seek revenge on all of Telon and with the strength of the six clans of the Tempest, they may succeed. The Vi’Rak clan has finally called forth and united with the other five clans, tucking themselves away in the depths of the Temple of Vol Tuniel to unlock their secret plan to unleash destruction on Telon.

The salamanders challenge any 52+ groups to oppose them. Explore the area and find solve the puzzle on how to unseal the powerful items they brought with them. Create your own custom weapon through the use of special enhancements and items that drop in the area. Find a diplomat and a crafter to attain the secret ingredient and unseal these items opening the way to a custom item of your choosing. Discover the power the salamanders have brought with them while you try to stop them from bringing forth an evil never before seen.

General Abilities

− Fixed issue with many higher tier abilities having the same power as previous versions

− Fixed issue with chilling touch proc

− Fixed display issue with Frozen Ion Proc

− Fixed issue with half elf racial not working after 50

− Some stun abilities which turn you into rocks/ice/etc will now prevent you from animating while you're in that state.

− Fixed particles not showing correctly on some abilities.


− Lightning on the mountaintops should now properly last for 10 seconds or one spell and has a 30 meter affect range

− Kedon's Critical Severing’s description has been corrected

− Fixed an issue where erosive Hew was giving 350% weapon damage instead of 300% like the description said.


− Fixed issue with Bloodthinner not opening up chains when it crit

− Constructs Augmentation should now add to magic skills

− Fixed issue with Blood Spray not critting


− Boon of spirit now has a 20 second refresh


− Symbol of Wrath should toggle on and off properly


− Reduced the damage on the protector of growth’s autoattack

− Nature’s frenzy should no longer be reflected

− Fixed display issue with Reverberate

− Removed display portion of crystallize


− Fixed issue with Divest Life not giving the bonus group heal.

− Level 55 abomination will no longer proc the clone.


− Fixed issue with Time Trick mezzing wrong target

− Psionicist transcendence form has been modified. The rune portion of the form is now a chance to proc on hit that will rune against 15% of spell type damage. This does not include Shadow, Planar, or Holy resist types and no longer shields against flurry, rampage and common melee damage types. This change is being done due to an unforeseen and undesired imbalance of classes. We apologize for this change but are doing it for the betterment of the game.


− Fixed issue with Wave of Lightning damage

− Fixed issue with discharge effect on wave of lightning and Discharging arrow not working


− Devour should now add force target immunity.

− The Skin of Tuurgin forms were missed in the conversion of long duration regens to the new regen SPA and has now been modified properly.


− Fixed Asaya's insight, and probably a few other +accuracy buffs.


− Fixed issue with weaponshield going away after a set duration

− Fixed cost issue with Savagery

− Fixed issue with Lock and Load not cancelling correctly

Items and Inventory

− Bank size has increased to 75 slots.

− You can now access all of your banks in hub cities. These are NT, Ahgram, Khal, and Tanvu.

− All Ranger made arrows are now flagged as no drop

− Echoes are no longer unique

− Vial of efreeti blood, Sigil of Aluul, and Sigil of Djuul should drop correctly

− Shield block roll has been combined into the ability block roll. The hole in the pally’s shield has been mended.

− Fixed item links not working properly when the item was enchanted. It still won't show what's in the slots, but the slots will show up and the link will be clickable.

− Fixed an issue where enchanted items with multiple procs on them would only fire off the first proc.

− Fixed a display issue with enchanted items that had abilities on the enchantments. They should now look correct in the UI.

− Fixed a bug that allowed you to shoot hammers from the ammo slot. The previous fix only stopped them from being shot from a quiver, now they can't be shot at all.

− The Fully Powered J2E should now give the proper movement speed according to its tooltip.

− Fixed typo in protector of growth scroll


− Artificer spell recipes now require the use of Ancient Timber instead of petrified.


− Sartholas tier 2 trial should now update correctly

− Emerol Crisis will update properly again.

− Gateway Termination: You can now interact with the portals again if you had abandoned the quest after interacting with one already.

− Vulshar Rings: The drop rate on the rings has been greatly increased.

− Poison Glands should now give exp the first time it is done.

− Desert Poison should now give exp the first time it is done.

− Cyclone Noise should now give exp the first time it is done.

− Dissention is now properly labeled as a Group quest.

− Deathwalker D'edra will again offer the quest Mutated Stingers if you were not able to obtain it.

− Bigal's Defender should now fight back when engaged.


− Added a slider for Animation LOD. Turning this up will increase the distance before NPC's stop animating. Previously this range was set really low, now you can crank it up if you have a good system. If you have a low end system, make sure you don't turn it up higher than you can handle.

− Chat Channels should no-longer get messed up when you zone around to other regions. They also don't re-order when you leave a channel, so if you're in channels 3 & 4, and leave channel 3, your 4th channel will stay bound to /4 so you don't have to figure out what they moved to. When you join another channel, it will take the first open channel slot.

− Fixed the bug where your gear would disappear after taking off some illusions.


− Modified the crafting setup windows to be larger by default and a little easier to work with.


− A few new social clothing items have been added. Check out the clothing merchants Lyser in New Targonor and Gaston Gempin in Ahgram.

− The diplomacy statement cards for Absolution, Resolution, Elocution, and Disillusion are no longer soulbound.

− The Civic Benefit "Excavation Secrets" in the Pantheon has been updated to increase the crafting bonus and remove the unneeded harvesting bonus.

− Isle of Dawn Civic Benefit levers will now decay at a slower rate.

− The experience rewards for the Pantheon diplomacy quests have been increased.

− The Cartheon Bonelined Dagger now requires level 20 to equip.

− A new quest line is available for diplomats from the Executors in New Targonor. See Sharas Kamur for details.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:25 am

I've played around in the Salamander Caves on the test server. Fun place, nice traditional dungeon crawl akin to the likes of VT or Graystone. Loot is not too shabby either.

Oh and if you need a laugh check the offical boards and the explosion that the reduced strength to the Psionicist mitigation stance caused. The obvious answer of "Um, you're a caster why are you letting yourself get hit at all anyway?" does not seem effective.
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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:11 am

Yea, I did kind of wonder just why it mattered so much. Thought I'd missed something.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:12 pm

patchnotes August / 12 / 2009

Sparkles the Lost

A poor lost turtle has appeared on the shores outside or Lord Tsang’s Tomb. Are there any travelers brave enough to help him with his dilemma?

Sparkles is a new overland raid encounter targeting 24 level 55 players.


− Seradon’s Falling Comet can no longer be modified by refresh haste


− Transcendence line of forms will now add the rune effect right away when you first enter the form. If you leave the form a 60 second countdown will start that indicates how long it will be before you can receive the run buff again. This timer counts down while in any form allowing you to continue the refresh while in a different form.


− Fixed some issues with items in Vi’Rak


− Double XP has been turned off.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:53 am

Patch September / 3 / 2009

− General

Silence abilities will now interrupt casting on players.
Fix for buffs that ignore caps not always putting players over the caps, based on what order the buffs were cast in.
Fix for buff order mattering when calculating out your total stats. Now your buffs will always give the maximum benefit, regardless of order they’re cast in.
Fix for some NPC reactions not always hitting the player they’re reacting to and instead hitting the NPCs offensive target.
Removed the last clothing option from the customization slider.
Fixed a bug where the sorcerer mez Sleep could proc on cast as well as some other mezes.
Added a toggle in the interface options to lock your hotbar buttons in place. This is for players who were trying to click buttons but ended up dragging them off the bar.
Fixed a few server crashes.
Fixed some of the bad server lag issues. There are still some being addressed, but the majority of them should be resolved now.


Seradons falling comet now caps out at 2x damage instead of 10x damage. The previous change to haste on the comet has been removed.


The cap for PVP damage per hit has been reduced to 20%.
Changed the way DoTs work in PVP so that they're also affected by the per hit caps. Previously DoTs got around the cap.


The T2 Vol Anari trial now updates properly
Quest: Power of Corruption will now drop the essence. NOTE: If you are already on this quest, you will need to abandon and re-take the quest.
Haelifur worshippers will now be able to turn in the Essence of the Fireworks Connoisseur.
Quest: The Rescue (Phase 2) will now spawn the elder on the upper floor again.
Quest: The Maw of Tyranny (Phase 2): The waves should now despawn on reset.
Fixed an issue with not being able to turn in 1 Sacrificial Offering to Vothdars altar.
Admiral Jagistur Cairn’s HP has been lowered slightly.

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes and Game Updates   

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Patch Notes and Game Updates
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