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 Blood Magw

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PostSubject: Blood Magw   Sat Sep 13, 2008 6:39 pm

Any tips much appreciated pls Smile

New one is Avaleuses, Name comes from a film:
Beautiful but mute Countess Irina Karlstein [Lina Romay] suffers from the curse of her ancestors--vampirism. She is doomed to go from victim to victim, making love to them but taking their lives at the height of their orgasms. It means a life of loneliness, punctuated only with a lot of one-night stands and dead bodies.After claiming her first victim, a birdfarmer at the edge of the forest, Irina leaves her home in the mountains of Madeira (Portugal) to spend some time at the seashore. While lounging at the hotel pool, she is approached by a journalist named Anna [Anna Watican], who wants to interview Irina regarding her bloody family. Later, when Irina is getting hungry again, her renfield [Louis Barboo] sends up the hotel masseur with a note saying that she needs his services. The next time she gets hungry, Irina drains Anna. She pays a visit to a dominatrix [Monica Swinn] and ends up draining her. And so the cycle continues.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Magw   Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:28 pm

oooo whats the film Moonie sounds cool????
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Blood Magw
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