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 Test Server Gu6

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PostSubject: Test Server Gu6   Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:54 pm

All servers are up

Vanguard Build 2072 Patch Notes July / 11 / 2008
Isle of Dawn
The Isle of Dawn was separated from the continent of Kojan during the cataclysm. A village of battle hardened humans and a band of zealot hobgoblins have warred against each other for centuries on the Isle. Their mutual hatred for one another runs deep and even now they are locked in an ongoing struggle. Recently though, increasing numbers of ulvari have begun to surface on the island Ė much to the dismay of both the humans and the hobgoblins.
Weakened by their perpetual war, the humans aren't able to capably defend themselves. Even now, their villages burn as they frantically seek aid. The isle is in desperate need of heroes.
o The Isle of Dawn is now available for new characters!
o When creating a new character, you will now be presented with two options for your starting location. The Isle of Dawn will be one option, and the other option will be your selected Race's standard starting area.
o PVP, Exchange Brokers, Death experience and tombstones are turned off on the Isle of Dawn.
o Player levels have been capped at 10 on the Isle.

General Population
o APW - Many of the "living" population are no longer immune to Soul Blight. Cast away happy necros!
o Combat Balance Ė Fixed a bug that caused flat damage buffs to be applied to some abilities multiple times.
o Pets are now able to start combat with a special attack.
o Player summoning spells are now working outside of 30m.
o Fix for Recall to House: Camping out immediately no longer resets the refresh timer for the Ability Recall to House.

Broker Changes
o Broker time limit on items added. Initial time will be 14 days changeable by design.
o All Markets combined into one.
o Market cap increased to 50 items.
o Markets will be reset on patch day or when code gets patched for internal servers.
o Time left on a market item will be displayed in short time format on the broker window.
o Items that expire will still show up in your item list saying expired. You will have 7 days to relist the item. After that it will be returned through game mail.

Class Updates
Necromancer - Life Draught: Ability now heals player character when not in a group.
Sorcerer - Quartz focus will now strip previous focus buffs.
Disciple - Inner Focus now can be cast on multiple targets, is no longer a bond and lasts for 5 minutes.
Paladin - Devout Foeman - Fixed a bug that caused the use of one rank of this ability to not cause the remainder of the line to refresh. Now, using any rank of this ability will cause the entire line to refresh.
Disciple - Touch of Woe now has damage values in its tool tip.
Disciple - Increased the damage on all versions of Touch of Woe
Disciple - Fleeting Feet now makes you immune to movement debuffs for its duration
Disciple - Fleeting Feet now has a 45 second refresh.
Disciple - Fleeting Feet now costs 15 endurance
Disciple - Paralyzing Touch and Paralyzing Sweep now change the appearance of those affected
Disciple - Paralyzing Sweep now adds a 100% chance on hit to stun your attacker for 15 seconds or 1 hit. This effect lasts for 10 seconds.
Disciple - Increased the damage dealt by Kiss of Torment
Disciple - Awakening now has a 3 second cast time.
Disciple - Ra'Jin Flare now costs 3 Jin
Disciple - Ra'Jin Flare is no longer a spell, it is a ranged attack that requires shuriken
Disciple - Removed the refresh timer on Ra'Jin Flare
Disciple - Endowment of Balance now lasts 10 minutes
Disciple - Introduced new ability line at level 18 called Meditate
Disciple - Introduced new ability line at level 10 called Inner Light. Inner Light contains components from all previous Harmonious Bonds.
Disciple - Removed the Gift of Anguish, Gift of Vitae and Sage's Endowment ability lines.
Disciple - Reworked Endowment of Balance to have Jin regeneration instead of a damage shield
Disciple - Removed the Jin regeneration from the Immortal Jade Dragon Form
Disciple - Removed the spell mitigation portion of the Immortal Jade Dragon combat form
Disciple - Added a new passive ability called Transcendence at level 10. Transcendence grants 15% spell mitigation.
Disciple - Endowment of Mastery now lasts 10 minutes
Disciple - Immortal Jade Dragon now has an added bonus. Whenever you are in this stance Kiss of Heaven and Blessed Wind will have an instant healing effect added.
Disciple - Added a 6 second refresh to Blessed Wind
Disciple - Kiss of Heaven is now defensive targeted.
Disciple - The healing portion of Kiss of Heaven has been upgraded in effectiveness
Disciple - Kiss of Heaven now lasts 32 seconds
Disciple - Kiss of Heaven is no longer a Harmonious Bond
Disciple - Kiss of Heaven now costs 4 Jin
Disciple - Purity now lasts for 2 minutes and has a refresh of 90 seconds.
Disciple - Purity now costs 5 Jin
Disciple - Purity now increases healing on your target by 300.
Disciple - Purity now has a range of 25m.
Disciple - Falling Petal and White Lotus Strike are now caster group targeted.

o Head Informants for the Lamplighters have arrived in New Targonor, Ahgram, and Tawar Galan. They offer an array of rewards in exchange for unequalled information.
o Diplomats at levels 10, 30, and 50 can pick Signature Statements to further customize their decks. Visit your local Diplomacy Instructor for more details.
o Diplomacy Instructors should now offer a selection of basic statements for sale.
o Traders are now looking for diplomats who want to make some extra coin! They need talented negotiators to move goods. See Renny in New Targonor, Lura in Ahgram, or Nakiro in Tawar Galan for details.
o Basic starting Statements for diplomats have been updated. Characters now start with a basic set of universal Statements as well as one unique racial Statement and one unique class Statement.
o Collecting taxes is now more profitable.
o Presence requirement values have been lowered for most parleys. This should help eliminate the problems with players getting stuck on basic quest lines due to not having enough of the correct type of presence.
o Many NPCs available for Civic Diplomacy now have updated decks. They have a Strategy progression identical to players, giving them more cards to access in a parley. This change gives the NPCs more variety in their parleys and will make them harder to predict.
o Civic Diplomacy parley experience has been increased.

Veskalís Exchange Changes
o Veskalís Exchange: Geenback Spiders are now known as Greenback Spiders
o Veskalís Exchange: The dungeon Jade Depths has been rebalanced as a solo or two person group dungeon. Drop rates on rare items have been increased. Some items have received extra attention.
o Veskalís Exchange: The dungeon Achlatan Spider Caves has been rebalanced for groups of four to five. Drop rates on rare items have been increased. Some items have received extra attention.
o Veskalís Exchange: The difficulty of bosses in the Achlatan Spider Caves has been increased. Groups of four should have a reasonable challenge.
o Veskalís Exchange: The Cleric and Druid trainers are now easier to locate.
o Veskalís Exchange: The Telon Global Exchange and a Thestran Banker are now available.

o Soup for Veskal: The Main Ingredient: The frogs required for this quest have had their level increased.
o Dark Roots: Weapon rewards for this quest have been upgraded to Rare quality. A Dread Knight and Monk/Disciple weapon have been added.

o Fix for holding down the scroll bar and closing your quest journal that would cause it o go blank.
o Fix for the chat window click-through selector to show the proper state.
o Fix for map zooming in and out not always centering on the click location.
o Added particle effects to some IOs (intractable objects) in game.
o Shaders change: The ďGenerate ResourcesĒ delay is no longer necessary to optimize vanguards performance. Vanguard will now patch down updated, optimized files, that wonít need any generation prior to play.
o UI window fix: The default tab will now function properly
o UI window fix: Clicking Cancel will properly revert settings now

Test Update Notes June / 20 / 2008
- Fixed an issue with one of the tabs in the settings window.
- Fixed an issue with some NPCís not wandering their designated routes, or jittering when they reached an end point to their route.
- When solo you will no longer see bind on equip notifications when solo.
- Damage over time spells will no longer kill players in a duel.
- Tombstones should now show the proper loot icon.
- Fixed an issue where the Afrit Cycle quests were showing the wrong amount of rewards.
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PostSubject: Re: Test Server Gu6   Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:58 pm

oo, i should realy start to read da update notes Smile



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Test Server Gu6
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