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 Things to come in the next GU.

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PostSubject: Things to come in the next GU.   Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:15 pm

Silius just posted on the official forums a little preview of whats to come by the end of the year:

Hey all, I wanted to take some time to update you guys on what is coming down the line for the rest of the year. We have been pretty hard at work on a lot of things in the background while moving forward on Pantheon and the fabled level increase. Followign is alist of thigns that we will be pushing to test between now and Monday.

Christmas update (note this is a preview, if we are not able to complete these things in time some of them will be pushed to the next update)

Gloriann Festival returns
Randolph the reindeer’s magic has been steadily returning as we get closer to the holiday season. Please buckle your seatbelts and make sure your saddle is in a full upright position.
The cities of Telon will once again shine with the spirit of the season. Make your way there and make sure to get your present.
Finch and Ghalnn are envious of Gloriann’s Festival and are looking to stir up trouble. They’ve created three monstrosities and set them loose on the good people of Telon. It’s up to the adventurers to slay them and recover the stolen presents.

Bridge of Destiny
The Jharru have been trying to keep this place protected in order to prevent the world eater Garuzamut from returning. They have recently summoned some elemental constructs to act as wardens for the area. Do you have what it takes to defeat these elementals and find out what is happening on Garuzamut island?
6 man content with some 12 man encounters.
Collect the pieces to build two might weapons as you progress.

Garuzamut Island
The bridge of destiny is just a taste of what awaits. The Jharuu’s most powerful constructs have been seen roaming around this area. They are there to serve as a warning to those who would try to mess with powers they cannot control.
24 man raid content.
Make the final additions to the mighty weapons built on the bridge of destiny.

Item enchantment slots
Is your armor losing its shine? Your sword just not as powerful as you wanted it to be? Fear not adventurer because there are a new set of items that can be augmented and made more powerful by adding enchantments to them.

Some items from KDQ island, Garuzamut, Bridge of Destiny, APW, and factional armor now have enhancement sockets on them.
Enhancements come in various different types and offer many different stat mods.

Coliseum of Games
A grand coliseum has appeared over Tehatamani coast and only those wanting to prove their worth need apply. The members of Kamelott Inc. and a new group of goblins known as the Finch’s Finks have opened up shop and are offering various prizes for those who compete.
A FFA PVP arena on all servers.
Gain infamy, challenge the arena combatant, and gain the keys to the chest all while watching your back and keeping other players from killing you before you can kill it.
Trade in infamy for chests and unlock them for various prizes including socketed items and enchantments you can only get in the arena.

The waters of Telon are filled with a bounty of wonderful fish just waiting to be caught. Cast your line and see what happens. But be warned there are more then fish that swim in these waters and if you die alone there will be no one to tell your tale.
Participate in a unique fishing system that is both interactive and casual.
Purchase bait and fishing poles while tracking what fish you have caught and what they like/dislike.

Sometimes you like to fly, sometimes you like to rift, and sometimes you just want to get on a gigantic boat, sail out to middle of nowhere and cast a line off the side. Well for those of you who like to do that Galleons are coming.
Download the schematics for the three galleons.
Build your mighty ship and sail away on a lovely cruise. (Warning none of these boats comes with an Isaac or Gopher)

New Race Class combos
Some races will be receiving a new class combo. Exactly which ones is still being determined.

We will also be doing a patch next week to address some issues including the following:

Overland raid mobs persistant respawn timers will be adjusted to reintroduce lockout timers.

Sending Guar back to walking school so he will understand that mountains were not made for walking through.

Core processor crash issue resolved.

Rez sickness will no longer apply when getting rezzed after revive effects have worn off. You should only get rez sickness when being rezzed from death.

Fix for halloween costume items.

That’s about all for now. Please keep an eye on test server and log on when you can. We already have some of this stuff there and Pantheon is up and waiting on adventurers to run through it.


Fishing... Galleons... I'd almost lost hope... *sniff* Erm, excuse me something in my eye.
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Number of posts : 414
Age : 32
Location : The Cotswolds, England
Registration date : 2008-07-12

PostSubject: Re: Things to come in the next GU.   Fri Nov 21, 2008 11:31 am

Also some information on Patheon of Ancients. The place is being tested by, and having the difficulty balanced for, people in swamp/faction/orange crafted equipment.

Still aimed at being a very difficult dungeon but hopefully they'll get a good difficulty curve in there so you don't crash into Pharoh like battles from the very beginning.
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Number of posts : 414
Age : 32
Location : The Cotswolds, England
Registration date : 2008-07-12

PostSubject: Re: Things to come in the next GU.   Thu Nov 27, 2008 3:31 am

Patched to test before this weekend will be:

Some races can now be classes they were not able to be before.


Halfling Paladin – The humans of Tursh have helped train the Halflings in the ways of the Paladin.

Dwarf Ranger – A human scout contingent was summoned by the king to train their soldiers in the techniques of the Ranger in preparation of an impending threat.

Vulmane Monk – Ancient spirits of the land have shared the knowledge of the use of Jin and the technique of utilizing it with their descendants.


Raki Bard – As the Raki have become more attuned to the world of Telon, they have developed a way of incorporating their musical abilities in combat.

Goblin Dreadknight – Due to the impending war with Gulgrethor and the latest threat of the Ulvari, the Orcs have started to train young goblins in the way of dread.

Goblin Ranger – As Martok seeks to explore or advance their power, the goblins have become the front line for scouting and have increased their knowledge of survival techniques.

Orc Rogue – In exchange for the knowledge the Orcs have shared, the Goblins have trained the Orcs of espionage and assassination.


Dark Elf Ranger – In an attempt to further spread their influence, the Dark Elves have taken on the mantle of learning the ways of desert survival and scouting.

Kurashasa Bloodmage – Further developing the inherent relationship between the symbiote and the host has awakened their innate mastery of symbiotic behavior.

Mordebi Necromancer – The Mordebi have unlocked the ancient power of their ancestors through research and experimentation of the undead.


To begin fishing:

Go see Tien Hou in Tanvu. He is located near the Lobster faction mounts on the docks, and provides the tutorial for fishing as well as the pole and ability for it.

Fishing basics:

Equip a fishing pole in the primary hand.
Equip a bait in the secondary hand (Fishing.Bait.Annelid, Fishing.Bait.Boilies, Fishing.Bait.Chum, Fishing.Bait.Clam, Fishing.Bait.Crab, Fishing.Bait.Crayfish, Fishing.Bait.Earthworm, Fishing.Bait.Grubs, Fishing.Bait.Herring, Fishing.Bait.Jellyfish, Fishing.Bait.Mackerel, Fishing.Bait.Mullet, Fishing.Bait.RottingLiver, Fishing.Bait.Shrimp, Fishing.Bait.Squid, Fishing.Bait.StripedShiner).
There should be fish spawning in the area once a rod is equipped
Use the Fishing ability, or /fish command, to cast the line. Be careful not to cast too close to a fish or that will scare it away. You can use the ability or command to stop the line mid cast, so you can target your casting somewhat. You can also push the down arrow key or s key by default to reel the line in some once it’s been cast into the water.
Once a fish has been attracted to your line, it will begin a contest with you. You have to match the direction of the fish’s movement with your arrow keys, or with your w,a,s,d keys (by default) to fight the fish. Successfully matching the fish’s movement decreases its health. Failure makes the fish heal.
Once the fish has been ‘defeated’ it will be reeled in automatically, and you will be presented with any applicable loot in the form of a bait, a fish, a cash item, or most rarely an encounter.


Professor Telpon can help those willing get the schematics for these grand ships.


Several items now have item attachment slots. If you go to a trainer you should be able to train the enchantment ability. This ability is only available to those who are level 50. Enchantments drop from Bridge of destiny, Arena of Games, KDQ island, and Garuz island.

Arena of Games

Pinklet Lefever in Tehatamani coast is waiting for those who want to enter the arena and compete for great prizes.

Gloriann Festival Returns

Randolph and friends have returned to Telon.

Karax Woefather

Union negotiations with Karax have finally come to a compromise. He will work if we will stop killing him. Hopefully he will hold true to his word but he did have one hand behind his back when we shook hands. Looking for 24 brave adventurers to jump on test and try him out. If you find a problem with his event please report it.

Fix to Some Overland Raid mobs

All overland raid mobs that use flurry and or rage should now be using the proper flurry/rage. The current creatures are using group versions of these abilities instead of their raid versions or just nto firing them at all. Please log onto test server and try these mobs out.





Goooo fishing!

Hm one thing though. Dark Elf Rangers.... What are the odds on a sudden outbreak of Drizzts, Drozzts, Drizzzts and so on?
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PostSubject: Re: Things to come in the next GU.   

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Things to come in the next GU.
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