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 M.N.R.'s future

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PostSubject: M.N.R.'s future   Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:19 pm

M.N.R.'s future

I appreciate Rashy's post ** Roll Call ** ,
at least it marks the beginning of a revival of M.N.R..

M.N.R. was built around Moonlake and Shadowfax as it's heart and center.
It's future will depend on their both activeness and online presence. Ingame
there is still a certain patience and willingness to wait more, but the worries
keep getting more and more room.

in addition to this we'll need another spread of recruiters, a discussed recruit-
ment-procedure and more responsibility "to run the guild" with those perfor-
ming a higher online presence, like Javea, Tullavaar, Kedon, Nandy and Wise-

actual activities are basically to catch up with low-level-chars (Javea) and
grinding crafters (Tullavaar, Vici, Cynamoon). the last with a light touch to
prepare fishing and big boats in case of Vici's alt Renardva and maybe Cyna-
moon's alt Cynona. Wiseman started collecting swamp-armor parts and pro-
ceeded levelling.
this has been interupted by some event-questing mainly for faction-plats,
(Halloween, Harvest Day).
the number of members online at the same time hardly touches 5.

during octobre and novembre I personally lost 3-4 friends I met during the
creation of Cynona and Chicaboom. They would have fit well into the guild,
but due to the lack of recruiter-presence and undecided recruitment-pro-
cedures, they meanwhile joint other guilds.

expect a slight encrease of new players to the game around crimbo. would
be nice to be prepared for some limited recruitings.

announced game-updates do fit quite well to our actual situation, as they
will add individual and group-tasks.
we didn't have much of a looksy into the TASC-stuff yet. this combined with
soon to be released content will give us a lot to do beside the big-raids,
which we should postpone to a later date, when the guild has recovered

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PostSubject: Re: M.N.R.'s future   Thu Nov 27, 2008 6:28 am

I have read this and have been in two minds about replying as so many of my posts and discussions with ralf (cynn) seemed to of miscommunicated and actually caused more problems than they ever could of solved.

But I want to say a few things and they are more about the guild generally although they do involve the issues at least in part Cyn has raised.

MNR membership was increased to a working guild as we all know from the TSS split, the experience for many was deeply personal but the autocratic leadership seemed to be something that was undesireable, and we tried to get away from that by saying that everyone (at least in theory) could invite a friend to the guild and that we would limit responsibilities to alts (rashy excluded the guild founder is screwed under the current system) and say everyone is equal.
Yes, people flocked here for shad and moony and one can hardly blame them, they are a selfless couple who put a lot of effort into making other peoples game better at the expense (at times) of their own, but the guild is not and should not be dependant on their presence.

I dont know quite how, but we seem to of arrived in a situation where noone is willing to do anything without me, moony or shad present. Or rather organising.
I am not picking on you cyn when i say this but, you say you have personally lost friends that could of joined mnr, when in fact nandy, kedon (and vici always has had a recruiter alt) could of recruited people into the guild (I have even had to flag recruitment as open in the motd to stimulate this!), we have always said that unless an existing member has a reasonable objection to a person that everyone should invite friends into the guild though we have wanted to stick to the 18 man raid max (something we have never reached btw). So I kinda object to the accusation (as I feel it is) that some how you lost people in game because of all this.)

THAT SAID, I know thats its been a horrible time in the guild of late... but personally I was hoping that someone somewhere would step up, I have hinted at it in tells with people privately in the past, but you all seem to want to talk about it and criticise it when it goes wrong but until nandys post yesterday to form a group very little has been done to do ANYTHING about the guilds problems in any form.

I can appreciate that recently perhaps there has been a desire to be sensitive to peoples feelings (something that I have and always will be vocal about ), so maybe that is the reason why and maybe the intention to have an even guild (rather than a leader) is flawed, but i dont think so. I still blieve that the idea that we all work together to achieve fun and game enjoyment is viable. I think frankly you have all become a little complacent with whats going on... I think that I would be if I were in the same boat too, it was not meant as a criticism merely an observation.

What needs to happen now is that you guys need to step up, you need to organise yourselves a little. there are still 24? mains in the guild, you dont need moony shad and I to actually do stuff. Though I appreciate that we tried (and failed maybe) to give you what you were after.

I know where I am in the game and what I will be doing and I will state this in the future, Moony is in/about to leave for wales now so unavailable for a couple of weeks (no internet) and shad is returning with her. Do you need one of these 3 people to even organise a 6 man group?

Maybe not, so we have an issue with online numbers again I expect you to step up, at the very least respond to the roll call thread (again this took me to do noone else even tried, ok maybe I am being harsh but correct me if I am wrong) and encourage others to do so... birds returned briefly and i think will return though on a reduced play time, but I can hardly blame anyone for staying away atm, hel I am and from my point of view this will not change dramatically.

So please step up a little organise, you have recruiters and when shad/moony return fully i will transfer guild leadership to them (I fully acknowledge my part in recent events and tbh I have been left so down about it that I cant actually face logging in atm, thank fuck i have had no internet), but this should not prevent normal activities, hell with good planning you should even be able to manage a decent APW run. (10 man was viable iif played for fun and Shad & I will always support the guild in this regard as nymbers are so vital).

My apologies again if this is in anyway scatheing or a critique... but tbh its the truth and maybe you all need to open your eyes to it a little. At times we have worked our arses off behind the scene for little more than criticism so now its your turn to contribute to the guild with more than mere words...

If you want to wait for me moony and shad then thats cool, but its going to happen slowly, we are for once I think (and I speak for me only) taking our time to return to make sure we are happy and able to do so, everything else is secondary to our wellbeing.

For my part for constructive advice, start running set group hunts for specific objectives and see who turns up and keep with it. saturdays were by far the best night in terms of numbers (though I did send tells now and then to get people in the raids), fridays also and strangely Tuesdays were good for hunts but never for harvests.

Flame me if you will frankly after the abuse I recently received I dont give a flying fuck what you think of me anymore, I am actually trying to help whether you think I am or not.
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PostSubject: Re: M.N.R.'s future   Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:50 am

I agree with you almost 100% of the way Rashy, but there aren't many people on...There's maybe 4 or 5 on when I am on...even on the weekends there are not many, so raids are a no, and I've seen Kedon try to make groups, Nandy too Very Happy but people turn them down(me included). I sometimes find others on an alt and I've asked them if they wanted to start a group but they said they were busy with their alts, we just need to be more willing I think Smile Willing to think on the brightside and willing to help others Smile
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PostSubject: Re: M.N.R.'s future   Thu Nov 27, 2008 11:20 am

- - - > recruitings

- I can't guildinvite anyone
- those friends lost to other guilds and me didn't share much playtime with those, that basically are available and able to guildinvite
- Kedon and Nandy are just getting back to more usual playtimes actually
- MotD has been set to "stop guildinvite" for weeks and weeks
- in this case I didn't prepare recruitings following your suggestions

- - - > activities

Rashy, you're wrong ...

those members still online aren't waiting for anyone to organize their
groups, events and adventures.

we are worrying about the guild's future, when, if and under which goals
it can proceed and we were waiting for you, Moonlake and Shadowfax in
order to come to discussions and conclusions, which directions to take.

i.e. there are requests to join raid-alliances ...
this needs ingame-discussions, ingame-contacts and conclusions

i.e. there are potential players to recruit ...
this needs your individual ingame-impression and vote

i.e. there is existing group[6]-content
this needs your char's roles, ingame-enthusiasmn and presence

i.e. there soon will be group[12]-content
this needs your char's roles, ingame-enthusiasmn and presence

i.e. there is a certain new main-playtime-spread
this needs your char's presence to get a feeling for

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PostSubject: Re: M.N.R.'s future   

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M.N.R.'s future
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