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PostSubject: PSI SPELL LAYOUT FOR GILL   Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: PSI SPELL LAYOUT FOR GILL   Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:33 pm

Few notes *

As I rarely play tiddy I like to keep different spell categories well away from each other as I find this helps me remember where to go for them.

All my toons have their main attack spells/abilities on the main hotbar, lh side and area effects on the rh side.

Hardest thing I find with the PSI is differentiating between the various charms and mezzes, (probably as I don't play him a lot, so I keep the main charm/release buttons seperate for now until I can remember what's what.

Best way I found to practice the different mezzes and find out what's best for what situation, is to practice on low level mobs where it is safe.

Main thing to remember is that the PSI is great for crowd control and to learn the intricacies of that before anything else as that is what can save both yourself and your group. If in doubt, Mezz the monster and run away :-).

Charms : Allows you to charm a monster, a 'pet bar' will appear onscreen allowing you to use the mob to fight for you for a limited time. It will attack you if the charm loses it's hold but you can recharm it.

Mezzes : Puts the monster in a dazed state, preventing it from fighting. A psi's main mezz can only be broken by their release spell although it can wear off in time. A great spell for taking a monster out of the fight if several mobs are pulled.

Simulacrum : Will aggro and fight a monster effectively keeping it busy until it wears off or you pull the aggro with spells.

I would guess that a proficient PSI can keep 5 mobs busy with a combination of those 3 spells, although I am nowhere competent enough for that and tbh i've never seen it done, but in theory it should be doable as long as no one in your group hits any of the controlled targets.

I really don't know much about PSI's, hopefully some other guys caan give you some useful tips too if anyone has any :-) .

Alas I think you chose one of the more intricate classes to work properly, but without doubt, if you can suss it, you will be very popular :-). As well as great damage, you can buy a group time if a fight goes wrong by keeping mobs busy, as well as evac everyone if its looking like a no win situation.

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