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 Joining The Runners

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PostSubject: Joining The Runners   Thu Jul 31, 2008 3:51 pm

Hi There !

Well, if you are reading this we can only assume that you are either :
1 very nosey
2 a disappointed Dexys Midnight Runners Fan
3 a potential applicant for becoming a Midnight Runner.

In which case you should either :
1 Move along, there's nothing to see here.
2 Stop living in the 1980's
3 Read on Amigo ........

Ok, so a bit about who we are ........ We are simply a small bunch of guys and girls of many different ages who, in some freaky twist of fate, have been brought together to play an online game. The midnight Runners guild name has been around for about ten years now, but only three of our members are from that original guild, so what we have now is in effect a new Vanguard guild with an old, but funky name.... Hurrah .

So, cutting through the self important waffle that most people aren't interested in anyway, what you are trying to find out is, are we the guild for you? Easiest way is to check through the two following checklists and then see what you think at the end.

If you answer yes to any of the following, we are probably not the guild for you :

1 Do I take my gaming very seriously?
2 Do I get upset if my entire group gets wiped over and over again?
3 Do I get upset if others /emote laughter at me when I die?
4 Will I get offended if guild chat becomes a little 'risque' at times? (Think of that classic british film, 'Carry on Up The Jungle' kinda mentality).
5 Am I a hardcore raider?
6 Am a bit special?
7 Am I prone to obscene language and obnoxious outbursts?
8 Am I Welsh? ........ only kidding, some of us are......well one of us actually.
9 Am I only interested in solo play?
10 Am I only interested in group play?

If You can answer yes to the following, chances are, you may fit right in :

1 Do I have a character at level 1 or over?
2 Do I have fun both playing solo and in a group?
3 Am I up for anything, so long as it's fun?
4 Do I have the patience to help guildies out in times of need?
5 Am I happy to spend time for guild harvesting, occasional guild fund cash raising hunts, basically stuff that benefits everyone and not just me?
6 Do I like being silly sometimes?
7 Have I looked at other guilds to see if they are more suitable, but still like the sound of The Midnight Runners?
8 Is this the way to Amarillo?
9 Do I want to make friends, rather than just 'Guildies'?
10 Am I happy to be in a small, informal, laid back guild, that knows where it's going, but isn't worried about when it gets there, so long as it has fun on the way?

So there we go, we log in, play Vanguard and have a bit of fun. If you have been invited by a current member and would still like to join us after reading this, then get back in touch. If not, then we would much rather you were honest about it and said thanks, but no thanks, rather than feel pressured to join having shown an initial interest.

Either way, safe travels to you.....

The Midnight Runners.

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Joining The Runners
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