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 Darkfall 2.0 (AKA Darkfall NGE)

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PostSubject: Darkfall 2.0 (AKA Darkfall NGE)   Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:50 pm

Darkfall is getting an overhaul in the form of Darkfall 2.0 (AKA New Game Enhancement - sorry for bringing up bad memories SWG vets). This is supposed to address some of the screwed up mechanics of Darkfall - No skill cap, FFA PVP and full loot. My personal view is that it will probably include some kind of PVP flagging system (its already in thw form of newbie PVP immunity). I hope so, so you guys can take a look, the PVE is superlative, mob AI couple with twitch based mechanics in a vast open world like Vanguard would make it the best game on the market. The server is getting a wipe so the imbalanced characters are gone along with the housing slots, this will probably shed the couple of thousand manchild vets that are left. Info is scarce at the moment, more is supposed to be available at the end of the month, but given Aventurines crappy PR I'll take that with a pinch. I'll let you guys know whats going on as info becomes available.
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Darkfall 2.0 (AKA Darkfall NGE)
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